As the festive season approaches, reports suggest Nintendo's new Switch bundle, with the OLED model replacing the original console, is expected to hit stores next month.

Report: Nintendo's New Switch OLED Bundle Launching Soon

With the scent of the festive season already in the air, gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat! Reports are starting to circulate about a new edition of a fan-favorite deal, the Nintendo Switch bundle, ready to make its inclusive gaming offer even more enticing. As per sources, the deal's star attraction this year is expected to be an OLED console, replacing the original Switch system.

Information surfacing from Dealabs indicates that the attraction-packed bundle should include a standard Switch OLED console. The console will be in vibrant hues of neon red and neon blue, adding a touch of color and flamboyance to the gaming experience. However, those questing for a special edition unit might need to curb their expectations as this bundle aims to keep it straightforward.

The stalwart pillar of the bundle, the immersive and fan-loved game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, is anticipated to feature as a download code in this enticing combination. To top it off, this year's Nintendo Switch bundle will reportedly arrive with a three-month Switch online membership, making it a comprehensive package for Nintendo aficionados.

As for the cost, it is reported to fall somewhere between €310 to €349 or the equivalent amount in your region. This holiday bonanza featuring the eagerly-awaited OLED model and Mario Kart game is reportedly slated to launch in Europe during the second half of November, awaiting confirmation through retailer listings.

Nintendo's stellar performance is noteworthy, having sold more than 130 million Switch units globally. The Switch OLED model, robustly equipped with a 7-inch OLED display, a wide adjustable stand, enhanced audio, and a new dock that features a wired LAN port, has undeniably played a substantial role in bolstering these remarkable sales figures. The console also provides generous storage of 64 GB, offering gamers abundant space for their favorite games.

At this point, nothing has been officially confirmed regarding this much-anticipated bundle. As we wait for any official news or updates from Nintendo, enthusiasm and anticipation among the gaming community continue to mount. The potential arrival of the new Switch OLED bundle not only intensifies the holiday spirit but also represents an exciting development in the dynamic world of gaming.

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