A comprehensive review of Mario Party games: these rankings, based on user votes, determine the best and worst Mario Party titles released to date.

The Ultimate Ranking of Every Mario Party Game Ever Released

Mario Party, the classic multiplayer game that induced cheers, laughter, and perhaps, a few sensitive conversations and heated arguments, is a prominent fixture in many households around the world since it debuted in 1998. Celebrating the availability of Mario Party 3 on Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack, we take a trip down memory lane to explore 17 main Mario Party games that have given families and friends countless hours of entertainment.

To decide which game should top the list of the esteemed Mario Party pantheon, we have sought the opinion of the players themselves. The following order reflects real-time rankings, based completely on user ratings. As you roll your virtual dice in the game, sit back and prepare to traverse through memory lane, starting from the 17th place candidate to the creme de la creme of Mario Party games.

In seventeenth place, we have Mario Party: The Top 100 (3DS). Released in 2017, the game brought back 100 mini-games from the Mario Party series but fell short in terms of content delivery and replayability. Despite initial excitement driving down the nostalgia lane, it was apparent to players that the game was confined by its hardware limitations.

Coming up in sixteenth place, we have Mario Party Advance (GBA). This game diverted from the traditional multiplayer form of Mario Party games and instead offered solo-focused minigames and Quests. Despite being charming and unique, its lack of multiplayer mode and the significant role of dice roll outcomes make its enjoyment conditional.

In the fifteenth position, we find Mario Party 10 (Wii U). Despite showing signs of wear and being heavily dependent on amiibos, the game is still able to offer a fun multiplayer experience. Its Bowser Party mode exemplifies the potential boon of GamePad, but overall, it's considered a somewhat tired entry in the series.

Placed at fourteenth is Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS), which despite some enjoyable minigames, is plagued by underdeveloped game boards and lacks depth in single-player modes. The game offers little differentiation from predecessors, making the overall experience underwhelming.

Mario Party 9 (Wii) is placed at thirteenth, showcasing some major series changes like a trim-down, rush of minigames, and boss battles that are inviting. However, the omission of a 'Classic' mode, the poorly-explained Captain Events, and the short parties often left players wanting more.

In twelfth place is Mario Party: Star Rush (3DS), offering a variety of modes and easy-going minigame fun. The game addresses previous complaints, presents charming characters, and includes a useful 'Guest' download feature for easy local multiplayer. However, due to hardware limitations, the game did not meet the full potential of a Mario Party game.

It’s clear from these rankings that Mario, the small Italian plumber, has truly etched an eternal legacy through its many party titles. From joy to despair, each game has left its unique mark on every player, making for an unforgettable party experience. Even with varied opinions, it’s safe to conclude that Mario Party’s saga is a quintessential part of our gaming life.

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