An indie developer known as Figglewatts has created a remake of Asmik Ace Entertainment's LSD: Dream Emulator, a cult-classic PlayStation 1 game released exclusively in Japan in 1998.

LSD: Revamped, a Fan-made Remake of Surreal PlayStation Game

A new version of the PlayStation 1 game LSD: Dream Emulator, entitled LSD: Revamped, is making waves in the world of indie gaming, reviving the unique gameplay experience that developed a strong cult following. Initially launched by Asmik Ace Entertainment only in Japan in 1998, the game later found recognition among Western audiences through YouTube Let's Plays and other forms of online media coverage that highlighted its unusual first-person gameplay. The game is based on a player's exploration around multiple dream spaces, initially conceived by multimedia artist Osamu Sato, drawing inspiration from a dream journal of another employee at the game studio.

LSD: Revamped, a fan project by developer Figglewatts, seeks to modernise this surreal PlayStation classic, recently coming into the limelight with the release of V.02. The notable detail about this version is the implementation of all interactive objects from the original game. This enhancement has raised anticipation about the future development of the project and its potential to offer even more immersive gameplay to fans of the original game.

The game description on the independent game hosting platform unveils LSD: Revamped’s goal to make the original game playable on contemporary hardware while preserving its unique identity. Enhancements furnished to the game include customisable control schemes, improved resolutions, and a better framerate. These quality-of-life improvements augment the player's experience significantly while not deviating from the ambiance of the original game.

As the game is still being developed, there will be future updates that will continue to enrich the gameplay. Potential enhancements include player-created content or mods, which could allow players to incorporate their own dreams, music, textures, and objects into the game. More information about upcoming updates can be found on the game's official website,

The rise of indie gaming has increased opportunities for developers like Figglewatts to revive long-lost classics. These remakes not only offer fans a chance to relive their nostalgic gaming experiences in a modern way, but they also expose the younger generation of gamers to older titles they might not have otherwise encountered. As advancements in technology continue, we can anticipate more exciting developments in the gaming industry, whether a remake of past classics or the emergence of new, groundbreaking titles.

While the journey of LSD: Revamped continues to unfold, those who are interested in checking out this in-progress venture can currently grab the fanmade remake on The current iteration's dedication to remaining as accurate as possible to the original game will surely be a delight for fans old and new, hopefully bringing previous elements of the game to life in a contemporary gaming setting. As projects such as LSD: Revamped continue to emerge, fans can look forward to reliving iconic moments as game classics are brought back into the present, reimagined with new technology and revamping, to create a fresh, engaging gaming experience.

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