The release of the new game, Lords of the Fallen, on Xbox Series X and S faces minor setbacks as the Day 1 patch is yet to be done.

Delay in Day 1 Patch for Lords of the Fallen on Xbox

All set and excited for Friday's release of the game ‘Lords of the Fallen’ on Xbox Series X and Series S? Here's something you should know. The developer is still working on updating the game specifically on Xbox. The lack of a Day 1 patch for the Xbox version was communicated through a social media post. This slight delay means that performance improvements, which are already in place for the PC and PlayStation 5 versions, are yet to be accomplished for the Xbox version.

Some gaming enthusiasts, particularly those living in New Zealand, have already started exploring Lords of the Fallen today. Despite some performance issues and the appearance of a few bugs, most players seem to be thoroughly enjoying the experience. Feedback from these early players has been generally positive, but the incomplete update for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions is a bit of a letdown. However, it is hopeful that the delay will last only a few more days until the Xbox versions catch up with their PS5 and PC counterparts.

Lords of the Fallen has been receiving a lot of attention in the lead up to its release. The first reviews for the game are now live and, generally, the reception has been positive. However, die-hard Xbox users are awaiting the completed update, hoping it lives up to the high expectations set by the game's performance on other platforms.

One might think that this minor delay seems trivial. However, for passionate gamers, Day 1 patches are crucial to their experience. They are designed specifically to fix any last-minute bugs or performance issues discovered in the period between when the game was "burned" onto discs and its official release. This slight delay indicates that the developers are keen on providing the best possible experience for its gamers, prioritizing the quality of the game over rush-releasing an imperfect product.

Apart from Lords of the Fallen, there is an exciting lineup of other games slated for release on Xbox in the coming week, and the comparison between Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 7 is already making the rounds. In the meanwhile, the gaming community's expectations are riding high for Lords of the Fallen, even amid the delay in its first major update.

There's no denying that this hiccup is notable for avid Xbox Series X and Series S gamers. Yet, one can't ignore the developer's commitment to refining and perfecting their product before it hits the market. This assurance sends a strong message to the fans that the best gaming experience is worth waiting for.

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