Fan theories run amok after Loki's mysterious phone call in Season 2, Episode 1 leaves everyone guessing about the identity of the caller.

Loki's Unexpected "Call" Sparks Crazy Fan Theories

Picture this, the God of Mischief, Loki, picking up the cosmic hotline, only, surprise, surprise, he doesn't! In the first episode of Loki season 2, a phone rings, Loki heads towards it but doesn’t pick up; instead, our titular character is swiftly pruned in the back. Is the 'back-stabbing’ a poetic nod towards Loki’s legendary betrayal? Or an overcooked plot-twist, who knows?

Just as we were puzzling out the person on the other end of the line, Sylvie comes out of nowhere, thrusting open elevator doors like a Monday morning office-goer running late. Was she expecting Loki, or someone else in a pan-galactic cross-temporal office building? A plot this thick could even give a hearty stew a stiff competition!

Speculations are pouring in faster than you can say 'glorious purpose!' Some fans think Sylvie was expecting a Loki from the TVA of the future, who decided to prune his past self just for kicks (talk about self-loathing!). Others, in a theory twist, suggest Future Loki called Past Loki to the phone, only to be pruned by one very punctual Mobius. Now that's what I call a 'timely' intervention!

And if we’re talking Future Loki ‘trimming the shrubs', why not dial up the déjà vu factor by being the mystery caller as well? And how about this for a double-twist? Sylvie’s 'there you are' is meant for Future Loki, but it’s Past Loki who accidentally gets the prune. Talk about a serious case of mistaken identity!

On the other end of the suspicion spectrum, some fans believe that Future Loki was ringing his past self in an attempt to help, only for our favourite bureaucratic saviour, Mobius, to sweep in first and do the pruning. Rescuing yet again! Who knew Mobius was such a multi-tasker?

An intriguing puzzle indeed! Is it a self-inflicted Loki-on-Loki prune? Or a well-calculated Mobius rescue? Guess we'll have to sit tight and wait for the time loop to untangle itself. In the meantime, grab your popcorn and keep those fan theories brewing, because each week promises a new episode of Loki to decode on Disney Plus!

And for all the super-fans out there, remember to revisit our comprehensive Loki guides, timelines, recaps and deep-dives into comic book histories and the wider Marvel universe. See you next time, and remember: don't touch that time-phone!

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