Laika: Aged Through Blood, a Metroidvania style game featuring a gun-toting, backflipping coyote mom on a motorcycle, hits the sweet spot for gamers and critics alike.

Coyote Mama Acrobatically Flips Game Ratings

In gaming news that's more refreshing than a shower in a waterfall and more exciting than triple espresso shot, we bring you Laika: Aged Through Blood. Perhaps the devilishly brilliant minds at Brainwash Gang went, "People today...they seem to love their moms, motorbikes, and saving the world. How about a game that brings all three together? Oh, and throw in a few backflips for glitz!". And voila, a Metroidvania style game featuring a gun-toting, backflipping mama coyote got its wheels rolling, ready to zoom into your hearts and screens this October 19.

The trailer, an amalgamation of hand-drawn animation and action-packed sequences, is more jaw dropping than the time grandma gate-crashed your hip hop class. There she is, our feisty furhood hero doing impressive Cirque du Soleil tricks on her badass bike whilst shooting villains. All this takes place in a Western-inspired, post-apocalyptic universe populated by, you can't make this stuff up, animals. Yes, Mother Nature is not just rising; she's literally gunning down whoever messes with her. Wisdom and courage come tail-waggin' together in this coyote mama.

Apparently, Coyote mama isn't just about the flashy moves. Her bike has a more solid defense than a lawyer in a courtroom drama; it can block enemy gunfire! You thought you knew cover fire? Think again, pal. It's high time games took 'riding into the sunset' a whole notch up.

Boss battles? Laika brings them aplenty. Imagine duking it out with a giant, aggressive chicken. Sounds amusing until the chicken gives you a 'peck' on your health bar. Victory gives the term 'winner, winner, chicken dinner' a whole new meaning.

Launching on PC, you can snag this gem on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG. As you saddle up on your couch, marking off days until D-day, don't forget to browse through our upcoming indie games guide. Who knows, you might find other unassuming indie titles all set to backflip their way into your heart like Laika.

So, there we have it. Laika: Aged Through Blood - a game that promises to bring glee in every gunshot and awesomeness in each acrobatic leap. If games were songs, Laika is the rock and roll number that makes every cell in your body jam to it. Ladies and gentlemen, get set for the joyride of your life. Guns, grills, and gravity-defying stunts, here we come!

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