Director Michael Dougherty shares his unpublished idea for a sequel to the horrifying holiday film 'Krampus,' focusing on a different setting and a new group of characters.

Krampus Director Reveals Possible Sequel Idea

Director Michael Dougherty has hinted at a fresh approach and story for a potential sequel to his fright-filled Christmas film 'Krampus.' Although there hasn't been a green light for a follow-up to the 2015 holiday-horror classic, Dougherty opened up about his sequel thoughts during a recent discussion with Collider.

While discussing the new installment of his Halloween-themed anthology movie, 'Trick 'r Treat 2,' Dougherty veered the conversation towards 'Krampus 2.' The filmmaker shared that he'd been cooking up some new 'Krampus' tales. Changing narrative dynamics for 'Krampus 2,' Dougherty revealed, "It doesn't necessarily center around a family as much as it might be about a group of strangers who are trapped somewhere."

The first 'Krampus' movie starred Adam Scott and Toni Collette and put a nightmarish spin on the eponymous Austro-Bavarian folklore creature. Set during the Christmas season, the plot revolves around Max, portrayed by Emjay Anthony, who unwittingly sets loose a murderous beast when his Yuletide spirit is crushed by his family's continuous disputes.

As Max's family battles the monster, they also attempt to mend their relationship, focusing on their common goal – to banish the horned demon back to hell. Max's grandmother (Krista Stadler), a fervent believer in the beast, becomes their guide in their quest.

While 'Krampus 2' remains just a creative thought for now, Dougherty, alongside his regular collaborators Zach Shields and Todd Casey, is diligently working on perfecting the screenplay for 'Trick 'r Treat 2.' Providing a sequel update, Dougherty stated, "the sequel is in active development with Legendary." He further revealed they are already several drafts into the script and that they've returned the same storyboard artist, Simeon Wilkins.

Alongside these gladdening updates, Dougherty also teased fans about the piles of storyboard sketches, as well as a hefty heap of concept art by Breehn Burns. All of these indeed indicate that even though the sequel may be advancing at a slow pace, it continues to make steady progress nevertheless.

While the thought of a cleverly reinvented 'Krampus 2' excites the fans of horror and folklore, the film fraternity is equally eager about 'Trick 'r Treat 2.' Fans anticipate a reunion with Sam, the sack-wearing character, with as much excitement as the forthcoming roster of horror movies set to hit the screens in 2023 and beyond. Despite its unhurried progression, the developments signal promising prospects for a sequel to the original frightful Yuletide flick, 'Krampus,' expanding the boundaries of holiday horror even further.

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