John Constantine returns in Hellblazer: Dead In America, an eight-issue sequel to the acclaimed run from 2019 to 2021, bringing back the same creative team.

John Constantine Revived in New Hellblazer Mini-Series

Fans of John Constantine, the chain-smoking occult investigator, are in for a treat as he makes a return in 'Hellblazer: Dead In America' in the year 2024. This eight-issue series is the brainchild of Si Spurrier, written and designed by Aaron Campbell, and colored by Jordie Bellaire. This series is a sequel and a possible conclusion to the critically acclaimed series that ran from 2019-2021.

Through 'Dead In America', viewers will witness how the series assimilates into DC's mature reader's Black Label imprint and the ongoing Sandman Universe. The focus here is on Constantine aiming to prevent the sand from Dream's pouch from being used for malevolent purposes.

Si Spurrier, the writer behind this series, portrayed his enthusiasm while saying, "Hellblazer is back". He quoted, "Between 2019 and 2021, Aaron Campbell and I chronicled John Constantine's clever progress through London. For 13 issues, the book was filled with emotion, disgust, and anger. Anger at the state of the world and our lives." The team behind the run shares a sense of accomplishment and believes it was the finest work they've accomplished.

Describing his excitement for the new project, Aaron Campbell reportedly said, "When the email came through telling Si and me that we were clear to conclude the John Constantine, Hellblazer story we started years ago, I could hear something, just behind me - a metallic flick. And with it, a familiar voice saying, 'You really thought I was gone for good, mate?'"

DC's synopsis of the new series hints at more intense developments and potentially the return of a major character. According to the story, John Constantine has once again evaded death. However, his heart isn't beating, and he, along with his friend Nat and his son Noah, are fugitives in America, accused of murder. As always, it's John's fault.

The plot thickens further with Dream himself needing John's assistance. An unknown, horrific force has taken its root in America and uses the sand from Dream's pouch to execute its wicked schemes. If John can halt it, he may just be able to save their lives. But to do so, he will need the assistance of someone he hasn't connected to in years. Could this person be the 'Swamp Thing'? As avid fans might know, Constantine first appeared in the Swamp Thing comic back in 1985.

Published by DC Comics, the first issue of 'John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead in America' is slated for release on January 16, 2024. Fans who wish to understand more about the comic origins of Dream and the rest of the Endless can refer to the guide on this fantastically flawed family.

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