"Marrying Microsoft, Bethesda Performs Console-don't in a Wild Console Shuffle."

Elder Scrolls 6 Toys with PlayStation Lovers' Hearts: A Game of Console Thrones

Stop the press, and hold onto your joysticks, fellow gamers. Microsoft's recently sequestered Bethesda has pulled a sly one. The 'Elder Scrolls 6' is now sworn brother of Xbox and PC, slapping PlayStation 5 out of the competition line-up. Gone are those sweet days when Phil Spencer from Xbox twirled us around his little finger, swaying to the tune of "we haven't decided yet". Hold your breath, PlayStation fans, the verdict is out, and it isn't pretty.

Axios reporter Stephen Totilo, akin to an archaeologist, dug out a Jurassic-Park-worthy fossil from the desolate landscape of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) versus Microsoft trial. This antique document surrounds the Activision Blizzard acquisition and guess what it exposes? They're casually listing Bethesda's yet-to-come games, coupled with presumptive platforms and release timings. Guess what's missing from PlayStation's invite list? You guessed it, 'The Elder Scrolls 6'.

Indeed, the 'Elder Scrolls 6' section stood out like a sore thumb in its point-blank declaration to abandon PlayStation5 and swing onto the Xbox-PC-only party. Well, you can't exactly call it a party now, can you? For the die-hard PlayStation loyalists, it's more like a funeral shrouded in gloom and despair.

And when is this party-slash-funeral expected to happen? Microsoft's rather nonchalant answer had us chomping down our controllers in sheer anticipation: "TBC, but probably 2026... or later, you know?" Talk about building suspense.

Although this shocking revelation from Microsoft's more cryptic than the Da Vinci Code, it's as official as it gets. Yet, the gaming bigwigs appear to be playing a game of hushed whispers. As of now, an official proclamation from Microsoft regarding 'The Elder Scrolls 6' launch platforms and release window remains an elusive, mythical creature, much like a dragon in the misty mountains of Skyrim.

Our requests to Microsoft for a comment were met with the standard, non-committal PR reply, indicating they're maintaining radio silence. Perhaps they're preferring to let the cat out of the bag in their own sweet time. Or, in typical gamer language, they have equipped themselves with the 'cloak of invisibility', hoping to sneak past us with their sneaky exclusivity plans.

So, what does this mean for console land? Well, in this high energy, console-clashing saga, the PlayStation 5 has to sadly accept it will not experience the refined Tamriel culture. It's a tiresome five-year wait for the rest of us holding onto an Xbox or PC hope. As to whether the 'Elder Scrolls 6' would be worth our agonising wait, that is the wild card Microsoft holds.

It appears the legendary tale of multi-console harmony was just that. A tale. A legend. But, fear not, wounded PlayStation 5 owners. There might be a glimmer of hope in the murky sea of despair. After all, in the volatile world of gaming, exclusivity agreements are as stable as a dragon on energy drinks.

In the heart-stopping, controller-breaking universe of video games, no twist is ever final. For now, hunker down with your favourite snack and game on! Just like Microsoft, we too like to keep the suspense alive. Will 'The Elder Scrolls 6' ever grace the PlayStation universe or has it bid adieu forever? Only time, or perhaps a well-timed tweet from Stephen Totilo, will tell.

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