Doctor Who fans can stream the 60th-anniversary episode 2, Wild Blue Yonder, featuring Tennant and Tate's space adventure via BBC iPlayer in the UK and Disney Plus globally.

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Episode 2 Viewing Guide

Fans of the iconic British sci-fi series, Doctor Who, have been eagerly awaiting the 60th-anniversary specials. Following the acclaimed first episode, "The Star Beast," anticipation is sky-high for the second episode titled "Wild Blue Yonder." This anniversary event reunites beloved characters with David Tennant returning as The Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble. Their next adventure takes them into the vast expanse of space, aboard an eerie, deserted spaceship. It's an episode that promises to deliver the thrills and chills synonymous with Doctor Who's reputation for weird and scary stories.

For UK viewers, BBC One is the go-to channel for watching "Wild Blue Yonder," slated to air on Saturday, December 2 at 6.30pm GMT. The 60th Anniversary Specials continue the following Saturday with the final installment, "The Giggle." Fans can catch these exciting episodes for free on demand the same day they broadcast on BBC iPlayer, an option that requires a valid UK TV license. For enthusiasts of the series, new and old, BBC iPlayer serves as a comprehensive hub, offering access to the classic episodes dating back from 1963 to the latest through 2022, and naturally, the ongoing anniversary specials.

For those who might be traveling or living outside the UK, the content on BBC iPlayer remains accessible through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This service allows you to connect to a server in the UK, thus enabling you to access geo-restricted content as if you were physically in the country. ExpressVPN is a popular choice for this purpose, offering a 30-day risk-free trial, and if you're not satisfied, they provide a full money-back guarantee.

Here’s how to watch "Wild Blue Yonder" using ExpressVPN:

1. Install a VPN service on your device. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended and currently has a special offer that includes three extra months for free on a 12-month package.

2. Choose and connect to a server located in the UK to access content as though you were in the UK.

3. Log on to BBC iPlayer. With your VPN set to the UK, you should be able to sign up or log in and start watching Doctor Who.

Beyond the UK, Disney Plus is the streaming platform where international audiences, including those in the United States, Canada, and Australia, can watch "Wild Blue Yonder." The episode becomes available around the same time as the UK airing, meaning U.S. audiences can stream on December 2, while Australian viewers can tune in on December 3. Disney Plus will continue to be the global home for new Doctor Who content, consolidating the show's international distribution.

For U.S. fans who want to dive into past Doctor Who adventures, the revival series (2005-2022) can be found on HBO Max, while the classic series (1963-1996) is available on Tubi. Similar arrangements exist in Canada and Australia, where fans can find selections of the Doctor Who catalog on local streaming services. Just as with BBC iPlayer, should you find yourself overseas and unable to access Disney Plus, a VPN is a solution to watch Doctor Who without interruption.

As the anticipation builds for "Wild Blue Yonder," fans are curious about what this new episode has in store. The official synopsis teases a high-stakes space escapade with the universe's fate hanging in the balance. The episode, directed by Tom Kingsley and penned by veteran showrunner Russell T Davies, also sees an expansion of the Doctor Who family, with Yasmin Finney joining as Rose Temple-Noble, and the return of well-known characters like Sylvia Noble and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.

For those who've already enjoyed the first episode and are eager for analysis and explanation, various resources delve into the finer details—no doubt amplifying excitement for this newest chapter. The 60th-anniversary episodes of Doctor Who are functioning not just as a celebration of the past but as a bold step into the future of this timeless series.

For even more to look forward to, make sure to check out other upcoming TV shows in 2023 and beyond, and don't forget to explore other entertainment options like board games and card games. Whatever your preferences, remember that the joy of Doctor Who is just a stream away, and with the help of VPN services, it's accessible from virtually anywhere in the world.

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