Xbox Game Pass is updating its library in December 2023 with exciting titles, from awaited sequels to new adventures. Find out which games you'll soon be able to dive into and which ones will be departing the service.

Discover December's Xbox Game Pass Additions

Gamers all around the globe anticipate new additions to their favorite gaming subscription services, and December 2023 is looking to be an exciting month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. With a myriad of games scheduled to arrive, players will have no shortage of new worlds to explore and adventures to undertake. Here’s what Xbox Game Pass enthusiasts can look forward to this month.

As part of the December offerings, Xbox Game Pass is set to introduce a diverse palette of games spanning various genres and gaming platforms. Let's take a look at some of the notable arrivals:

Kicking off the month on December 1st, “Spirit Of The North: Enhanced Edition,” arrives on Console, PC, and Cloud platforms. This game gives players a chance to experience a beautiful, story-driven adventure set in a cold, enchanting landscape, playing as a fox who must uncover the mysteries of a lost civilization.

Additionally, “SteamWorld Build” will also be available starting on the same day across all platforms. It's a game where creativity and strategy collide, allowing players to construct their own thriving steam-driven cities.

December 5th brings us “Clone Drone In The Danger Zone,” available on Series X|S, PC, and Cloud. This game pushes players into intense robot combat where survival and agility are key. The same day also marks the arrival of “Rise Of The Tomb Raider,” an action-adventure title that has players stepping back into the shoes of Lara Croft in one of her most treacherous expeditions yet.

Another title launching on December 5th, “While The Iron's Hot,” offers players a narrative-driven experience, and the wildly popular “World War Z: Aftermath,” which lands on Console, PC, and Cloud, promises hordes of zombies and frenetic action.

The action continues on December 6th when “Chivalry 2” and “Totally Reliable Delivery Service” join the Game Pass Core collection, offering medieval battlefield experiences and wacky delivery shenanigans, respectively.

Meanwhile, “Goat Simulator 3” will bleat its way onto the Series X|S, PC, and Cloud on December 7th, bringing a new level of chaos and absurdity as players take on the role of mischievous goats causing havoc across various environments.

Building upon an already solid lineup, December 8th sees “Against The Storm” – a game where players battle to establish a city amidst perpetual rain – being added exclusively for PC gamers.

Mid-month treats include “Tin Hearts” arriving on December 12th across all platforms, guiding players through a puzzle-filled world with an emotional story. “Far Cry 6,” landing on December 14th, will certainly be the jewel in the crown for many, bringing its expansive open-world and guerilla combat to Console, PC, and Cloud.

However, not all news is good news. The evolving nature of Xbox Game Pass means that some titles must make an exit to make room for the new arrivals. Early December will see four games departing, including “Chained Echoes” and “Rubber Bandits.” There's no concrete information on the complete list of games saying goodbye mid-December, but subscribers should take note and finish up any games they're working on that might be on the way out.

While the anticipation for new games is understandably high, it's also a good time for players to catch up on titles they might have missed in the past. With the growing catalog of Xbox Game Pass, it becomes more challenging to keep up with all the games one might want to play, and these new additions are likely to keep subscribers busy throughout the cold month of December.

Besides these individual titles, subscribers should also keep an eye out for potential surprises, additional announcements, and changes to the lineup. Xbox Game Pass is known for unexpected additions, special offers, and sometimes even day one releases that delight subscribers.

All in all, December looks to be a festive period for gaming enthusiasts with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. From atmospheric indie adventures to major blockbuster sequels, the service continues to provide an impressive range of gaming experiences, solidifying its position as one of the premier gaming subscription services on the market. Whether you're a fan of immersive single-player narratives or looking for your next competitive multiplayer addiction, Xbox Game Pass’s December roster is likely to have something to catch your eye.

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