Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition piqued our weekend plans with its nifty two-disc set. Step aside, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Horizon Forbidden West: A Two-Disk PS5 Bonanza

Have you been wheeling your thumbs, waiting for the weekend? Here's some news that will cause your PlayStation to sing a merry tune. Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition – a two-disc PS5 bonanza, is finally ready to hit the shelves tomorrow. In an age where bundled releases of games and add-on DLCs are as common as oversized headphones on a teenager, this avian-themed release truly stands out. Why? Because everything you need is packed up tight, right in that shiny game disc.

Guerrilla, the game's developer, released the Kraken… sorry, the news earlier this week. The Complete Edition launching on October 6 is as whole as it can possibly get. The physical release will bundle up absolutely everything - patches, DLCs, the works. For lovers of tangible copies… and shelves, this OMG news means that a finalized, fully patched-up version of Forbidden West will retain its perfect state, even if PS5's servers decide to retire on a sun-kissed beach someday. No wired twangling or update downloads necessary when it's already resting snug in your disc. Score!

The trend of offering updated physical releases with patches and DLCs isn’t entirely new. Need examples? Just look at Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PS4, or even those elusive Switch cartridges that quietly get revised printings with patches nestled inside. Yet, the ‘complete’ re-releases often go rogue, choosing to slip digital vouchers for DLCs and an unpatched launch disc instead. Enter the console online service shutdown scare, and the future of those patches hovers on unsure footing. Thus, for old-game diggers (present company included), the content of the disc matters. Quite a bit actually.

Forbidden West, in terms of sheer file size, might as well be likened to a roided-up digital Godzilla. This grandeur turns monumental when you introduce the Burning Shores DLC to the mix. Talk about bulk! Some peeks at the box's rear of the Complete Edition invite the prediction of a two-disc-needing behemoth. This Move over, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

Will the second disc's creation add to Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition’s production cost? Probably. But, hey, who’s complaining? More kudos to Guerrilla and Sony for pounding the extra mile with this generously stocked release. Unofficial game preservers might consider digital piracy for game history’s posterity, but with releases like these, we can leave saving the day to our caped crusaders, Guerrilla and Sony!

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