In the comic vs MCU smackdown, comic Loki is visibly winning. This piece presents an entertaining take on their unique demigods journeys.

The Comic World's Loki and MCU's Loki: A Comparative Roast

While everyone is biting their nails over the premiere of Loki season 2 on Disney Plus, we figured you might wonder about the wild escapades of this crowd-pleaser's comic counterpart. Oh, what a riotous odyssey they're living (or should I say, lying) through! Let’s dive into the perplexing puzzle of Kang and his numerous Variants, and see how comic Loki garners his chuckles compared to our beloved MCU Loki.

The shenanigans of the Disney Plus series' Loki pale in comparison to what's happening in the comic realm. Comic book Loki recently went through a major unisex makeover. Echoing the character's past as the much-loved Lady Loki, Loki acknowledges their shape-shifting trait, acting as the "God and Goddess of Stories." So, in essence, the comic Loki is giving the MCU Loki a run for his money, donning a multiplicity of guises, flip-flopping genders like a fabulous fashionista, and firmly planting themselves at the intersections of masculine, feminine, and androgynous.

Now, while that seems like a plot twist webbed with intrigue and scintillating convolutions, it doesn’t stop there. After a vacay from ruling Jotunheim, comic Loki has discarded their short-lived reign as the God of Stories. The trickster seems more interested in reverting to their old shenanigans as the "God of Lies." (Maybe old habits truly die hard?) The bitter sibling rivalry between Loki and Thor continues with Loki resurfacing as a thorn in the God of Thunder's side in the current Immortal Thor ongoing title.

Rumor has it that Loki has inside intel on Thor's recent showdown with Toranos, the storm god of the so-called Utgard Realm. They seem resolved to morph into Thor's foe once again, possibly for reasons beyond just a bit of mischief-making. Sounds pretty poetic for a particularly mischievous deity, doesn’t it? The intricacies and mythical hues of their relationship, though, starkly contrasts with the interstellar escapades MCU Loki hustles through on his own Disney Plus series.

Has comic book Loki morphed into Maleficent and cast a sinister spell for Loki season 2? A heel-turn in the series isn’t out of the question, as Loki's traitorous nature aligns with their mythological origin. Is there a grand plan in this impish mischief? Only time (or rather, the Disney Plus stream) will tell.

Finally, let it be known that Loki has Variants galore, just like Kang, befitting the God of Lies. Laugh or weep, but the reality is, MCU Loki and comic book Loki just can’t stop flowering into newer versions of their charming, misbehaving selves. And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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