Gearbox Publishing and Stratosphere Games start their confetti canons as Homeworld Mobile turns one, partying with exciting features, limited-time events, and stacked updates.

Homeworld Mobile Turns One: All Hail the Galactic Party!

Their spacecrafts are waxed, party hats on, and lasers pointed skywards - Homeworld Mobile is turning one and boy, are they throwing a star-studded fiasco. Strap in as Gearbox Publishing and Stratosphere Games activate their hyperdrive and shoot through the cosmos to kick-start the anniversary festivities with an update large enough to eclipse a supernova.

Update 1.7, or as we like to call it, "The Party Bag" is firing off an expansion, an assortment of new adrenaline-fuelled missions, and enough limited-time events to make you feel like everyday's a galactic bash. The anniversary celebrations are also granting you the power to make your ships strut the cosmos in style with some crazy customisation features. You can also argue with your colleagues over the new officer exchange system and fresh weapon types that could PULVERIZE a small moon.

The limited-time event, "Nimbus Stories: Secrets of the Progenitors" (code for an intense treasure hunt in space), allows you to don your Indiana Jones hat and recover bewildering Progenitor technologies. But remember, in space, no one can hear you scream... with joy when you unlock those fancy event ships.

Game Update 1.7, apart from being the star of the interstellar soiree, is also doing some spring cleaning with quality-of-life improvements. You will appreciate the new T4 Epic Pulsar Turrets to deploy as your wingman, while the new signal mission and T4 Phara's Rock Strike will have your pulse racing. If you're feeling like the Boba Fett, get on the fresh Liaison Mission: Bounty.

So if this star party has you thirsting for intergalactic intrigue, then check out our list of the best strategy games on Android. This party isn't a mere counting-of-candles-on-a-cake; it's a celebration of gamers across the cosmos. Thus, no matter what species or device, Homeworld Mobile is free for all on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android.

For more insights or just friendly banter, visit the official website or be part of the community on their official Facebook page. You can even take a sneaky look at the anniversary update by checking out the clip above to dip your toes in the cosmic confetti. And remember, in this universe, age is just a number. You're only as old as your last update. So, download now and let's party like it's 2999 with Homeworld Mobile.

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