Script-flipping Cursorblade brings a fresh spin to the auto-battling roguelike genre in the recent Steam Next Fest, showcasing a genius solution to Vampire Survivors' main issue.

Cursorblade, the Roguelike Game Schooling Vampire Survivors

Steam Next Fest isn't just your regular digital event - it's a nest of innovative gems, with countless games vying to carve out their version of the Vampire Survivors pie. Try casually scrolling through the demos – you'd think you stumbled upon a secret convention of top-down, auto-battling, roguelike, bullet heaven enthusiasts. Predictable? Perhaps. Exciting? Definitely.

But wait - there's one game that deserves a standing ovation, and it's a showstopper that trumps the subgenre's godfather. The name's Cursorblade, and it's a game that isn't satisfied with simply playing the game – it's here to change it. Possibly the best way to describe it is as "Vampire Survivors, but switch out the protagonist for a blade-wielding cursor."

In Cursorblade, you are the cursor (a smoother rendition of Mouse Knight, if you ask me), cleaving your way through hordes of enemies. With every enemy wave that you annihilate, you earn a cool new ability – imagine leaving behind an epic trail of fire or wielding contagious lightning. Vacillating between temporary invincibility and playing the grim reaper – this game's got all the goodies.

But here's where Cursorblade really shines: it dodges Vampire Survivors' glaring issue, the grievance of repetitive movement. After one too many rounds in circles in Survivors, you feel like an aimless zombie hunter chasing incremental scores. Ideated with a refreshing perspective, in Cursorblade, the enemies stay put, and only you, the Cursor-slash-Blade, advance. This creates a satisfying dynamic where you weave your way through air bites and hostile projectiles, which makes for an invigorating gaming environment.

Cursorblade feels like the jolt the stagnant Survivors-like needed. The interactive movement alone transformed an hour into a disappearing act as I swished away at the screen, with childlike glee shimmering in my excited eyes. I am just eager to donate more hours to the game – who needs a social life when you can ride the adrenaline of Cursorblade?

Make sure you circle November 6th on your calendar, because that’s when Cursorblade fully releases. If you can't wait that long, you can download the Next Fest demo on Steam. Word to the wise: check out other mind-boggling demos that Steam Next Fest has to offer, from underwater Soulslikes to 2D Bloodborne adaptations! Expect to be spoilt rotten with 15 unmissable game demos from the event!

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