Agent 47 is back, with tighter spandex and more sharp objects! Get ready for Hitman: Blood Money - Rep

Hitman: Blood Money - Sneaky Makeover Coming Soon!

Agent 47 is dusting off his neoprene suit and loading his silenced pistol, as Feral Interactive has announced that it's giving a fresh dose of polyurethane shine to the undercover classic, Hitman: Blood Money, in the spangled new guise of 'Reprisal.' This fabulous rebirth of the tag-you’re-dead extravaganza is going to sneak onto iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch with a bang – or rather, with a silent chokehold, very soon.

In the 'fashion-forward' world of Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal, our follicly challenged assassin is primed for a whirlwind tour of 12 sandbox missions. One minute, he’ll be mingling amidst the riotous Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and the next, he's unwinding on a luxe vacation in Paris, while casually plotting the demise of world leaders. Talk about a working holiday!

Enjoy the fun of deciding how to creatively dispatch your targets - maybe you’re an old-school fiber wire fantatic, or perhaps you're more into 'accidental' balcony plunges. It's limitless mayhem and style in equal parts! Just remember, we wouldn't recommend these tactics at your actual day job!

The new version of this killer of a game comes with numerous shiny upgrades. There's an Instinct Mode for foreseeing dangers or pathways and a handy, ever-present mini-map, because there's nothing worse than getting lost while trying to discretely annihilate your target. No more blindly stumbling into armed guards or nosy snitches!

Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal also boasts a fully customizable touchscreen interface alongside controller support and even dare we say, mouse and keyboard backing.

As to when you can start flattening your targets or "falling" chandeliers, there isn't a precise release date announced yet. But rest assured, Agent 47 will tiptoe his way into your mobile devices this autumn, and he'll crash the Nintendo Switch party sometime this winter.

Meanwhile, those itching to sip a virtual Bloody Mary with Agent 47 can stay in the loop by following the official Twitter page. There, you can hold eager conversations with fellow Hitman fanatics, dive deep into the official website for juicy details, or simply drool over the tantalizing teaser clip for a flavor of the excitement to come!

So there you have it, folks. Escalated heartbeats and an adrenaline rush are guaranteed as you dip your toes back into the treacherous waters of the world of Hitman. And remember, as Agent 47 would say, "I'm not a murderer. I just remove obstacles." Time to polish those silencers and iron those black suits, Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal is nearly upon us!

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