KOG Games announces the pre-registration event for the latest character joining GrandChase - Secret Service Agent Mayden, bringing along exciting goodies for the players.

Secret Agent Mayden Joins GrandChase, Pre-registrations Open Now

Fans of the popular mobile role-playing game (RPG), GrandChase, have reasons to cheer as KOG Games opens up pre-registrations for their latest character, Mayden. This new addition to the lineup is not just any character; Mayden is a secret service agent, promising to add a dash of intrigue to the game.

What makes Mayden special is her nonchalant persona. On the surface, she seems like a casual individual, idling around and playing games on her smartphone. However, this is a mere facade to hide her true identity. Beneath this seemingly harmless exterior lurks a highly skilled agent whose specialization is intelligence and surveillance. One can only anticipate how she will draw on these skills in the GrandChase arena.

Mayden harbours deep dissatisfaction towards the corrupt officials around her. Driven by her discontent, she has set her sights on the leadership of the Celestial World. But she is not just stopping at mere ambition; Mayden plans to instigate a change towards a better future. She understands that she can't accomplish this massive feat alone, and plans to recruit others who are willing to stand up against the authorities. As players, we can only wait to see the perfect opportunity to strike dawning upon the team of rebels.

The pre-registration event for Mayden offers participants a 5-star Hero Mayden to add to their collection. But that’s not all! As part of the 5th Anniversary Celebration, participants will also receive a Rare Avatar Select Ticket, Mayden's Costume Suit Avatar, and a Mayden Effect Profile Border. These bonuses can be obtained by simply launching the game following the pre-registration period. They will be located in the System Mail section of the mailbox.

To sweeten the deal, a special free summon event will coincide with the pre-registration phase. This event lets players summon characters 20 times daily, up to a total of 280 summons. The thrill of summoning makes an important part of the RPG experience, rewarding players with random characters or items.

All being said, GrandChase continues to break boundaries in the world of mobile gaming with engaging characters and immersive storylines. With Mayden set to be introduced on November 7th, the anticipation among the game's fans is palpable. Interested players can pre-register by visiting GrandChase's official website, following which they can download the game from their preferred link. The game is free to play, with in-app purchases available - offering just the right balance of thrill and accessibility.

Finally, the addition of Mayden to the rich ensemble of GrandChase characters is bound to stir up the game dynamics. Her blend of nonchalant gaming and secret service skills paint the picture of a character who is limited only by the horizons of one's imagination. Fans can only wait in anticipation to see how Mayden will rise against the corrupt Celestial World leadership and take GrandChase to new, exciting heights.

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