The highly anticipated action-adventure game 'Gangs of Sherwood', originally set for earlier release, experiences last-minute delay until the end of November, based on player feedback.

Action Game 'Gangs of Sherwood' Delayed for Late November Launch

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of the co-op action-adventure game 'Gangs of Sherwood' will have to exercise a bit more patience. The game, which has garnered substantial interest from the gaming community, has experienced an unforeseen delay and is now set to launch at the end of November.

The title, painstakingly developed by Appeal Studios, showed great promise, and there was a palpable sense of anticipation surrounding the scheduled release. Athough gamers were supposed to play the title just a few days from now, the period of waiting has been prolonged.

In a company statement, Appeal Studios shed light on the reason for the unexpected holdup. It turns out that the delay is an offshoot of valuable player feedback received during a demo event: 'Steam Next Fest.' The developers had found the feedback from the 'Gangs of Sherwood' demo period incredibly resourceful—a sentiment which had been made clear in their open letter to the players:

They announced the game's official release deferment, initially planned for 2nd November, to 30th November 2023. They attribute the rescheduling to their endeavor to use the extra time for some fine-tuning. The developers strive to implement several improvements, as suggested and requested by their dedicated gamer community. Set in a playful, adventurous backdrop with Robin and his merry men preparing for their showdown with the Sheriff of Nottingham's armies, the delay will only enhance the player experience.

Upon its release, Gangs of Sherwood will be available across various platforms, including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The developer's deferment announcement concluded on a note of gratitude. They appreciated players' understanding and patience, assuring that the wait for 'Gangs of Sherwood' would be worthwhile.

Meanwhile, gamers can satiate their anticipatory excitement by viewing some recent gameplay demonstrations. The link below leads to a 17-minute-long display of Gangs of Sherwood, packed with action, providing a sneak peek into what the game has to offer. Players will indeed have to wait a little longer as the game's original October launch shifts to November 30th!

The news of the delay is, without a doubt, a bittersweet pill for those who have been following the game's progress and waiting for its release. As the countdown to the end of November begins, it seems gamers remain optimistic. Responses indicate that they are ready to endure the brief wait, expecting that the slated improvements and enhancements will make the game even better than initially predicted.

It's a testament to the gaming community's maturity and understanding, acknowledging the delay as a step towards an enhanced gaming experience. Despite the delay, the anticipation for the launch of 'Gangs of Sherwood' hasn't fizzled out. Now, all eyes and joysticks are pointed towards the end of November, eagerly awaiting a chance to step into the adventurous realm of Robin and his merry men. Until then, let's wish the Appeal Studios team great success in their final stretch of game development.

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