Netmarble introduces a new thrilling update to the popular strategy game, Grand Cross: Age of Titans, including Parallel World PvP mode and Halloween themed events.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Unveils Parallel World PvP

Sweeping changes are descending upon Grand Cross: Age of Titans, the popular strategy game by Netmarble, making the gameplay experience increasingly immersive and engaging. The latest update presents exhilarating Player versus Player (PvP) action in a fresh new realm, the Parallel World. Here, the thrill of charging into battle rests within the palms of players who can now engage in expansive fights that can stretch for up to three weeks.

The Parallel World, the latest addition introduced in this update, provides a platform for cross-kingdom confrontations. A minimum of four different kingdoms will muster their forces, bravely stepping onto the battlefield peppered with World Objects like the Gate, Shrine, and the coveted Royal Castle. The completion of a single match spans across twenty days, testing the mettle and strategic prowess of each player involved.

This freshly carved battleground introduces its vibrant autumn-themed environment, offering a unique change of scenery for seasoned players. The rules of engagement within the Parallel World also differ slightly from the regular games, forcing players to rethink their strategies. Those who best adapt their techniques, crafting inventive war strategies, will emerge victorious. Success in this new field of battle results from an alliance capturing the Royal Castle, and the spoils of war will be generously shared within the victorious kingdom. To participate in this grand contest, guilds should have stood the test of time for a minimum of 60 days.

With the advent of the Halloween season, the game landscape of Grand Cross: Age of Titans is also changing with the Pumpkin Festival. This in-game celebration brings a pair of eerie yet enticing events promising an array of exciting rewards. The 'Pumpkin Cookie Bingo Event' is a challenge that could lead to coveted items like Advanced Prayer Books, Legendary Star Level Fragments, and Legendary Manastones. On the other hand, the 'Best Witch Event' allows players to acquire a unique, Halloween-themed Castle Skin based on the rank they achieve during troop training, research, and construction.

The Parallel World stands ready, inviting players to dive into a novel and thrilling PvP experience. The Halloween events will kick off on October 23rd, providing an opportunity for players to enjoy the spooky holiday spirit.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans allows free downloads from your preferred app stores, albeit offering in-app purchases for players seeking an enhanced game experience. For the bold and the brave ready to wield their strategy and engage in grand-scale battles, the official website awaits your visit for further game details and updates. The stage is set for you to carve your victorious path in the Parallel World of Grand Cross: Age of Titans!

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