ZUIKI's Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini, currently being crowdfunded in Japan, adds more tracks from the popular Konami arcade game series to its collection.

Crowdfunded Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini Expands Tracklist

The latest crowdfunding project underway in Japan promises to recapture the beat-filled nostalgia of classic arcade culture. ZUIKI, a well-known company in the gaming industry, has announced that it will add three more tracks to its Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini gaming console.

The tracks include Tubthumping from Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix, Rock Beat from Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix, and also Follow the Sun 90 in the Shade Mix from Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix. These additions hint at the breadth and diversity of the tracks that players will be able to enjoy.

Earlier this month, ZUIKI launched the crowdfunding campaign for the Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini. The list of every single track to be included on the console was simultaneously revealed. As of now, tracks spanning all three of the popular game iterations Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix, and Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix will be included.

Some of the remarkable tracks that made the cut are 'Make It Better,' 'Trip Machine,' and 'Paranoia' from Dance Dance Revolution, and 'Make A Jam,' 'Make It Better (So-Real Mix),' and 'Keep On Movin' from Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix. From the third iteration, Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix, fans will recognize and love tracks like Captain Jack (Grandale Remix), Afronova, Dead End, among others.

ZUIKI further piqued fans' interests with the official unveiling of the Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini in Japan, a miniaturized version of the popular Konami arcade game. This device is unique as it's a 1/5 scale replica of the arcade machine, complete with the ability to play using either an in-built screen or connected to a television screen or laptop via HDMI out.

Enthusiasts will appreciate the added capability to plug in additional finger pads or a full-scale dance mat. It broadens the range of the gaming experience and provides more options to tailor it to individual gamers' preferences.

The launch of the crowdfunding page for the device on the Japanese website Kibidango has generated a significant amount of attention. Images of the miniaturized cabinet detailing its features added excitement among potential contributors to the crowdfunding campaign.

ZUIKI has previously teased the announcement of a fresh project based on the legendary Dance Dance Revolution series. Given the timely release and the outline of the console, it became evident that the classic series inspired the new project.

Created by Konami, Dance Dance Revolution first made its appearance in Japanese arcades in September 1998. Its engaging rhythm and dynamics earned it tremendous popularity over the years, leading to innumerable sequels and spin-offs. The most recent version of the game, Dance Dance Revolution A3, was released last year and was developed by Bemani, Konami's music division.

With fans excitedly waiting for further updates on this promising console, ZUIKI's Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini looks set to evoke old memories while making new impressions in the arcade gaming scene.

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