The upcoming game - Ghostrunner 2, teases fans by revealing its soundtrack list. Among these tracks, the new beat 'Road Zero' is now available for your listening pleasure.

Ghostrunner 2's Soundtrack's Ready, 'Road Zero' to Play

Ghostrunner 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the cyberpunk sensation is on the verge of launching, with its release date set for October 26. It'll thrill aficionados with support for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Harnessing the power of nostalgia, this game succeeds the original 2020 hit: Ghostrunner, the groovy cyberpunk adventure that had us slashing and dashing in a dystopian future. Developer One More Level has been dropping tantalizing nuggets about the sequel since its announcement this year. One such morsel was a sneak-peak at the gameplay during a PlayStation Showcase.

Fans of the original game understand that one element that sat this game apart from the horde of other action video games was its pulsating, adrenaline-pumping soundtrack. The music brought the neon-drenched landscape to throbbing life and got our hearts racing faster than a sprinting cheetah. If the information was a pizza, there was a slice missing - until now that is. Through the exclusive revelations by Game Informer, the full soundtrack list of Ghostrunner 2 gets unveiled, and it’s ready to rock your world!

The list has a stunning consortium of artists with tunes to tingle the auditory senses of fans. The cherry on this music cake is that you can listen to one of the tracks, dubbed as 'Road Zero', right this moment. Created by artist Dan Terminus, you can bop your head to the rhythm of this number and indulge in a preview of what the rest of the game sounds like.

The hot off the press soundtrack list for Ghostrunner 2 includes beats from artists like ‘We Are Magonia,’ ‘Gost,’ ‘Arkadiusz Rejkowski,’ and ‘Daniel Deluxe,’ in addition to the aforementioned Dan Terminus. Some titles to look out for include 'Mind As Universe,' 'Dive Into The Void', 'The Temple,' 'Son of a Microchip,' 'The Maze,' and an ominously named 'They Call Us Ghostrunners.' The roster assures us that the sequel will pump as much energy in our veins as the original, if not more.

The release countdown for Ghostrunner 2 is picking up pace. And I imagine all the gaming enthusiasts with their gears and joysticks ready at hand marking their calendars in red, crossing off days eagerly. We recommend these fans take a breather from the anticipation and tune into 'Road Zero.' It's guaranteed to be a stimulating audible appetizer before the main course of the full game is served.

Ghostrunner 2's exciting blend of immersive gameplay and fantastic soundtrack ensures that the game will resonate with both your thumbs and eardrums. As the pixelated sun rises on October 26, may your headphones be at the ready to soak in the auditory brilliance of this latest gaming marvel.

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