An intriguing fan theory suggests that Sam, Golden Boy’s super-powered brother from Gen V, might have the potential to challenge the invincible Homelander in future Boys' series.

Can Sam Riordan Pose a Threat to Homelander in Gen V?

Fans of TV show, The Boys have been eagerly and impatiently awaiting for the moment when Billy Butcher, along with his band of misfits, would finally manage to bring down the over-powered Homelander. Over the seasons, the group has tried everything but to no avail. However, the introducion of a character, Sam Riordan, in Gen V, may prove to be their salvation.

Sam, portrayed by actor Asa Germann, is the super-charged brother of the show's now deceased Golden Boy. The character was introduced when he was rescued from the depths of The Woods in the current season. What sets Sam apart is not merely his super-strength and invincibility, but the unpredictability and uncontrollability of his powers, a combination that makes him an unforeseen danger. Adding to the mystery, it has been suggested that Sam may even be stronger than his late brother - a speculation that has given rise to theories of his potential threat against the villains.

The fascinating aspect of this theory lies in the fact that only Soldier Boy has been able to somewhat match Homelander's lethal, laser-thrusted strength. Could the seemingly untamable force that is Sam possibly overpower Homelander? The speculations have sparked a flood of animated discussions among the show's ardent fan base, with several agreeing that Sam's powers could go way beyond what has been revealed.

One view projects Sam as potentially becoming the version of the character, Legion, from the eponymous series. If this theory proves to be true, Sam could not only match but even surpass Homelander's power. Others foresee that there's more than meets the eye do in terms of Sam's abilities, speculating that fans have barely scratched the surface of his powers. Some even bet on his strength, suggesting that with adequate training, Sam could stage an equal fight against Soldier Boy or even Maeve.

Yet, not all echo these sentiments. Detractors argue that Homelander's strength remains unparalleled, and despite Sam's formidable powers, Homelander's ability to outsmart him coupled with Sam's lack of combat experience could prove decisive. Others mention Sam's issues with hallucinations, suggesting that his vulnerabilities could easily be exploited by Homelander.

While speculations run wild among fans, the characters themselves are not without problems. Homelander is rumored to be gearing up for a trial after his controversial behavior at Vought Tower, which could bring an interesting turn of events in the upcoming Season 4 of The Boys.

The introduction of new characters like Sam, from Gen V, continues to add intriguing dimensions to the world of The Boys. As viewers eagerly anticipate the unveiling of Sam's true powers, and scratching their heads over the future of Homelander, the dramatic dynamic between the characters keep fans hooked and yearning for more story.

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