Talented Tomb Raider fan Delca reinvents the classic game as a 3D Sidescroller in a hilarious remake sure to pull at gamers' nostalgic heartstrings.

Tomb Raider 2 Remade as 3D Sidescroller: Fan's Funny Feat

I don't know who you originally pinned your hopes on for a wild redesign of the classic hit game Tomb Raider 2, but you may want to consider signing up this fan with a hankering for remaking video games. As Eurogamer has laid their eyes on and has reported, there's a fan developer out there who has blown all our socks into the nostalgic stratosphere. Hold onto your butts and backflip into the past with a Tomb Raider 2 remake that has performed the wildest gymnastic feat yet – morphing from a 3D action-adventure game into a 3D sidescroller.

The mastermind creator of this blast from the past, Delca, shared this wildly zany project featuring Lara (the heroine we all know and love) raiding her way through the luxurious halls of her mansion, the historic Great Wall of China, and the shipwrecked Maria Doria. Just to keep things spicy, the legendary locations of Tomb Raider are all presented in fan-loving, side-scrolling glory.

Absolutely nobody will be surprised to learn that this walk down memory lane has gathered a fan club faster than Lara can outrun a boulder. Tomb Raider fans have applauded this revamped game with woozy nostalgia, comparing it to Core Design's 2D sidescrollers for the Game Boy Color. Tug at those warm fuzzy gaming memories much, Delca?

And if you're thinking, "Wow this Delca character sure has some wild ideas for remaking classic games," you'd be, well, absolutely correct! This is not the first time that Delca has roped and grappled around a Tomb Raider escapade from this old-school perspective. In fact, last year their gaming talents were also showcased via two videos that featured the original 1996 game's Caves and Croft Manor, but this time through the novel viewpoint of a sidescroller.

I hate to be the bearer of heartbreaking news, but unfortunately, you cannot download this nostalgic marvel just yet. But fear not, Delca's works are available for eyes hungry for more of their artsy-fartsy game remakes. This includes the first chapter of a chortle-worthy PS1-style demake of Crystal Dynamics' 2006 hit, Tomb Raider: Legend.

To finish with a bit of cheeky commentary from the original game reviewers, one specifically noted that this remake seems 'maybe a little bit stiff and sluggish' but then humorously conceded that 'given the original game, it's likely still a huge step up'. Another paid tribute to 'the inspirations for the 3D version originally' lauding this as an example of the game coming 'full circle...or rather full "square based grid"'.

Whatever people's opinions on this remake might be, nobody can deny that the world of video games just got quite a bit funnier. Whether this fan-made remix tickles your funny bone or sends you on a frantic search for old gaming consoles in your attic, here's to more delightful retakes in the future. So stick around. The game is afoot. Or a hand. Or whatever other body part sidescrollers use these days.

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