EA gives us the 411 on its latest update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, targeted at Xbox and playstations. Small package, but chock-full of fixes!

EA's Newest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Update: All the Gossip

Star Wars nerds, caffeine up your eyeballs and brace your Wookie-sized enthusiasm! Respawn continues to toil away in that techy, techie galaxy far, far away, more precisely in the engine room of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Their latest patch, fit for an Ewok named 7.5, has landed Today on Xbox Series X|S platforms, and as shocking as learning Darth Vader is your father, other platforms too!

Now, let's not get our stormtrooper armor in a twist; it's a smaller patch, but fellas it's packing some punch! Includes several fixes designed to target that naggy little Death Star exhaust port issue in your gaming experience. Yes, you heard it, kind reader, we're onto bigger and better things.

So buckle up, your interstellar journey into the nitty-gritty of this patch starts now, courtesy of the fine folks at EA. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Patch notes - lean closer, don't be shy. Patch 7.5 has arrived today, but not just for your stately Xbox Series X | S, it's also dialing in on the PC and PlayStation 5 territories.

Now talking about the updates, we've bagged creature and vehicle animations glitches – Those speeder bikes should be purring smoother than a Hutt on a hover sled. Your binocular beacons were not working when ray tracing felt like having a snooze? Yep, checked that off the list too!

And the quality improvement for reflections when ray tracing decided to play hooky? Consider it done, smoother than the charm of Lando Calrissian.

This dedicated team genuflects in appreciation to all you Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fervid fans, for all the love and patience you've shown during this improvement phase. Got more rancor-sized issues? Bring them on, Padawans!

In case the Kessel Run has made you forget, this latest update has sprung from 'Patch 7', which was released out of the Sarlacc pit, I mean, last month, bearing a rosebush of features - yes, Jabba the Hutt did a double take on that!

So, fellow Jedi, Sith Lords, and maybe the odd Gungan, take a moment from your galactic conquests to sample this latest update. Detected any extra Easter Eggs, or perhaps a misplaced droid? Let the galactic discourse ensue in the comments. May the patch be with you, always!

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