Despite actors' strike and industry turmoil, Deadpool 3 and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine may prance onto the big screen as scheduled in 2024. Hallelujah!

Deadpool 3 Dodges the Delay Battle Axe, Marvel Hints

Just picture it now: Ryan Reynolds, clad in red super-suit donning the gall of Deadpool, and Hugh Jackman, unsheathing some adamantine claws as Wolverine, side by side on the big screen. Oh, sweet serotonin! But wait, the ongoing actors' strike, an ominous black cloud of scheduling conundrums, threatens to mess up our superhero daydreams. It's lurking not only over Deadpool 3 but also over a medley of big-name flicks. Ho-hum. But wait, there's a ray of hope in this showbiz gloom - a recent report indicating that our favorite Marvel threequel might not be tardy to the party.

A juicy tidbit from The Wrap suggests that Deadpool 3 is on track for its May 3, 2024, release celebration. Plus, another Marvel Studios gem, Captain America: Brave New World, is reportedly being coddled as Disney's "golden child" in what threatens to be a sparse year for blockbuster debuts. One savvy agent reported, "The collective mission right now is resurrecting projects that the strike put in entertainment hibernation."

With SAG-AFTRA and the studios set to buckle up for negotiations on October 11 and the strike pushing the 100-day mark, it's game time. Meanwhile, the writers' strike has already called a timeout, ending on a agreeable note that satisfied the WGA members.

Now, let's rewind a bit. A Marvel-sized elephant in the room needs to be addressed. Deadpool 3, our antihero's next chapter, was conspicuously missing from Disney's slate, alongside reportedly delayed Echo. Spooky, right? But our first peek at Deadpool 3 teased Jackman's Wolverine flaunting for the first time the comic's classic yellow costume. Just don't get too giddy - the movie's director, Shawn Levy, is keeping mum on whether Jackman's ready to retire those claws for good this time.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Levy said, "Whether this is our last hurrah with Wolverine on screen is still up in the air. But I'll make sure we do justice to the iconic yellow and blue costume just in case it is our last dance."

So, Deadpool 3, slated for Marvel Phase 5, might just be on target. To stay hip and happenin' with the MCU's next wave, our superhero savvy readers can check out our chic guide to the upcoming Marvel cinematic treats. If the strike doesn't spoil our superhero-loving hearts, we'll get to enjoy one heck of a Marvel party in 2024. Yippee!

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