Bowser's all geared up to impress his lady love, Peach in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Wonder advert, using the language! Even an elephant transformation doesn't put him off.

Bowser Shows Us Two Ways to Flower Power Love!

A change is in the air. It’s October 20th, 2023 - the day Super Mario Bros. Wonder dashes, leaps, and flick-tail swipes its way onto your Nintendo Switch. Nintendo being Nintendo, it's ensuring everyone from your youngest cousin to her nana are familiar with Mario’s latest escapades. And what better way than with a delightful medley of visual advertisements?

The latest addition to these merry campaigns features Peach, Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Bowser, the King of Koopas. Interestingly, Bowser swaps his notorious princess-snatching escapades for something more endearing - a single, passionate red rose. But then, like a Mario Kart Blue Shell from left field, an Elephant Fruit rolls in, and Peach gobbles it up. *Poof* - Welcome, Elephant Peach!

Bowser initially gazes in shock at Peach's trunks-up transformation. Yet the lovestruck fire-breather soon shakes off his surprise, deciding to raise the stakes with an upgraded, hand-picked, bouquet of flowers. Because who said chivalry can't have scales and spit fireballs, eh?

This rather chuckle-inducing visual spin on Bowser's usual kidnapping strategies truly underlines his affection for Peach. Who knew an elephantine transformation would bring out a romancer?

Nintendo UK took to its official Twitter account to -- *cough* -- trumpet its new advert. If your device’s internet browser resembles that of a shy Boo, you can chase Bowser's floral pursuits on YouTube as well.

The advert is more than just a spectacle of Bowser’s attempts at courtship. It crucially highlights the new Elephant ability skillfully. But hold your mushrooms! That’s only a bite-sized sneak peek into the abundant features loaded into the game. We have precariously jumped into a warp pipe to give you an in-depth preview of the game (1-Up mushrooms included). So, do give it a read for an informative yet whimsical walk-through.

Bowser does indeed give snatching flowers a new spin. And that caught your eye, didn’t it? Chime in and add your laughter notes in the comment section. There’s loads to discuss about this tant(aliz)ing transformation.

And as for Ollie Reynolds, our horror genre aficionado, he's sipping a cup of comforting tea while delving into the dark and twisted world of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Did you say you hear Motorhead and BB King in the distance? Between his ghoul-hunting quests, Ollie doesn’t mind going on leisurely strolls, swaying to the rhythm of anything from heavy metal to blues.

Seems like Bowser has got a new game plan- saying it with flowers. Or is it peaches? Let us know what you think of his fragrant stunt! Can an elephant stand between Bowser and his love? It’s only a click away on your console. See you there – let’s game on!

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