CD Projekt Red has its retracing its steps on its path to Cyberpunk 2077's redemption with the same team that orchestrated the comeback.

Next Cyberpunk Game Enlisted Phantom Liberty Lifesavers

Well, fun fact: you know those developers who whipped out the life-saving AED for the flat-lining initial release of Cyberpunk 2077 and shocked it back to heart-throbbing life with the Phantom Liberty expansion? Guess what? They're the folks who will be carving the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, like some gaming world Walt Disneys!

If you're a fan, no doubt you're aware that the Phantom Liberty expansion came in like a knight in shining armour (or, more fittingly, armed with a can of WD-40) to the disastrous debut of Cyberpunk 2077. It managed to revamp the game and catapult its public perception from "busted lemon" to "ooh, somewhat shiny!". That being said, it sounds somewhat promising to hear that the same band of gaming geeks will be steering the ship on the sequel.

The resurrection squad, as I've fondly dubbed them, are already warming up their coding machines for the sequel. As revealed by CDPR bigwig, Adam Badowski, these brainiacs are already diving into the early stages of design, flexing their pixel powers from their bases at North America, Vancouver and Boston. Come 2024, these gaming night-shifters will be working with a team of zany developers in Northern USA and Poland.

While Orion, code name for the sequel, remains mostly a mystery (like those teenagers who locked their diaries even after graduating high school), there have been a few promising notes. The game aims to take us all on a wild ride through a deeper exploration of the Cyberpunk universe, showing us the bright (or shall we say, neon) potential of this dark, future realm. Expect full-throttle mind-bending visuals and a deeper (hopefully less glitchy) dive into the punks' world.

Meanwhile, the CDPR team, being the frenetic multi-taskers they are, are also toiling away on The Witcher 4, a fresh IP that doesn't involve any Cyberpunks or Witchers (gasp!), and a new third-party Witcher game. With all this on their plate, the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 might not be breaking our screens anytime soon. However, considering the miraculous recovery of the first game, the anticipation will undoubtedly be worth the wait. Let's hope it rolls out smoother than a hover car on an oil slick!

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