Baylan Skoll, the force-wielding mercenary from Star Wars' Ahsoka, portrayed by late actor Ray Stevenson, leaves behind a legacy that shines brighter than a Tatooine sunset.

Skoll and Farewell: Ahsoka Cast Pays Tribute to Ray Stevenson

When stars die, they implode into a supernova—a fitting metaphor for how the Ahsoka cast reacted to the passing of Ray Stevenson. As the curtains closed on Stevenson's Baylan Skoll scene for the final time in Ahsoka episode 8, the Star Wars family took the chance to pay their respects.

Stevenson, the charisma-packed, force-wielding mercenary in the Star Wars spin-off, departed much like Obi-Wan Kenobi—too soon—at the ripe young age of 58, in May 2023. As Skoll's last scene danced across screens during the Ahsoka season finale, co-star Ivanna Sakhno (Shin Hati, Baylan’s apprentice) shared a touching Instagram tribute: a poignant picture from Norse mythology featuring Skoll and Hati—two celestial wolves with a fondness for chasing suns and moons.

Now, you didn't have to be Luke Skywalker to spot that this is probably where creator Dave Filoni got this character's name. Sakhno's wistful caption "For my friend Ray. Forever your Wolf. x" was a tearjerker that would have had even Darth Vader sniffing.

However, Sakhno wasn't alone in her tribute. Rosario Dawson, our beloved Ahsoka Tano, also shared a few heartfelt Force-thoughts: "Grateful for you always Ray. Thank you for deepening and enriching every moment. You will forever inspire."

These sentiments were echoed by Diana Lee Inosanto (Morgan Elsbeth), who fittingly remembered Stevenson's presence as "Poetry in Motion". And who could overlook Natasha Liu Bordizzo's (Sabine Wren) understated but poignant heart emoji? Just shows, sometimes, words aren't necessary.

Even the premiere of Ahsoka got caught in the emotional rip tide, the episode title card tipping its hat with a nodding "Our friend Ray." Clearly, the Force was strong with Stevenson.

All episodes of Ahsoka have already found a home at Disney Plus, ready for those who wish to delve into the galaxy-shaking aftershocks of Stevenson's departure.

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