Warhammer Day introduces the revival of the classic game Warhammer, The Old World. The event provides a closer insight into the highly anticipated return with a release date and new features.

Warhammer Day Unveils Rebirth of Classic Warhammer

Warhammer Day, the annual event cherished by all aficionados of this legendary tabletop game, took place over the last weekend. Among an array of exciting revelations, the highlight was the detailed presentation of The Old World, a resurrection of the original Warhammer game that had been kept under wraps until now.

Over the past year, fans only received bits and pieces of information concerning The Old World. But the wait proved worthwhile as the event provided the best glimpse yet at a project reviving the company's initial war game, famously known for its square bases and block-like troop formations. The much-loved original game came to an end in 2015 and for many avid followers, its reappearance feels like a nostalgic reunion with an old friend.

The Old World stole the event's show with its release window being announced as 'early 2024', which could possibly imply any time between January and April. In addition, models of the units that Bretonnian generals will have at their disposal were revealed. They included not only models previously shown but also the handsome and highly customizable Lord on Pegasus alongside revamped Knights of the Realm on Foot. The quirky nature of these units, enhanced by unusually embellished helmets, takes us back to the classic Warhammer days and are akin to those in Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy's successor.

The rest of the army will be boosted with units we have encountered before, such as the Peasant Bowmen, Men-At-Arms, and Trebuchet. They share a range with the existing Pegasus Knights and Knights of the Realm on horseback, providing a slight throwback with their dated presence. However, speculation suggests that upgraded versions might be in the pipeline.

New Striking Scorpion models for the Aeldari space elves also promise excitement. The dynamic designs of these plastic models are anticipated in the latest Kill Team box set, titled 'Salvation', stirring attention of all faction fans. Although they will be sold separately in future Aeldari armies for Warhammer 40K 10th Edition, for now, they serve as an intimidating Kill Team.

As an added bonus, the updated Striking Scorpions will be packaged with a group of Space Marine Scouts in the Kill Team boxset. Followers of the Emperor's angels can rest assured that they will not miss anything.

Future Codexes, starting with the alien Tyranid and Space Marine Codexes for Warhammer 40K, were also announced. These books will extend the storylines of both factions while providing datasheets, Crusade rules, Detachments, and more.

Modern sculpts accompanying the books are the eye-catchers for many. The Adeptus Mechanicus introduces the Sydonian Skatros, a sniper-like cyborg on substantial stilts, while the Necron faction, synonymous with space skeletons, presents an improved version of Imotekh the Stormlord, their leader.

Aside from the 40K game, Age of Sigmar also received new miniature additions. Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn ascends upon a detailed dragon, while Belthanos, a large tree-man with a massive spear and leafy cloak, joins the Sylvaneth armies riding an enormous insect. The additions come as part of the current campaign, Dawnbringers.

As we await the arrival of these new additions, enthusiasts can revisit their love for the best board games or these must-have board games for adults. To ease into the Warhammer universe, our guide to the Warhammer 40K Starter Sets is a great place to start.

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