A gamer uses exceptional strategy, hoarding every explosive in the game to defeat the final boss of Baldur’s Gate 3, resulting in an explosive spectacle.

Pyromaniac's Extreme Blast Beats Baldur's Gate 3 Final Boss

Epic battles, detailed strategies, and tactical gameplays are what often come to mind when one imagines popular video games. Baldur's Gate 3 is no exception – a game notorious for its challenging quests and formidable bosses. However, the conventional video game strategies were tossed aside when one player discovered an explosive shortcut.

In a recent revelation shared on the Baldur's Gate 3 subreddit, a user by the name of MissQueeney shared a seemingly unconventional yet devastating method they used to defeat the game's final boss. MissQueeney's approach was not marked by intricate strategies or superior combat skills; rather, it was the strategic acquisition and execution of one basic gaming element: explosives.

Throughout the course of the game, MissQueeney meticulously collected every single explosive item they encountered. From barrels and bombs to every other object primed to go 'booming,' a chest full of explosives was carefully stored away. "I put [the explosives] in a separate chest all game... then I pulled them all into a bag already in my inventory," explained MissQueeney, revealing their careful preparation.

Once the winding game led MissQueeney to the final boss, their strategy came into play. The player's inventory was laden with their arsenal of explosives. MissQueeney confessed that the toughest part of the journey was reaching the boss due to the game's over-encumbered rules, which limited basic physical actions like jumping and ladder use under heavy loads.

On reaching their roads' end, MissQueeney showered the enemy in a storm of explosives, following which they retreated to a safe corner and fired off a lone fireball into the doom-laden surroundings. The resultant chaos served its purpose, dealing takings of immeasurable, unseen proportions, melting away the boss in an explosion that likely set their gaming rig equally ablaze.

This unique approach, while indeed effective, does not promise to be kind to your computer's hardware. Players seeking a less fiery approach to the final boss might aim for an alternative strategy. A method involving the use of a common potion was proposed earlier to bypass the final challenge, sacrificing the grandeur of MissQueeney's explosive strategy for hardware peace.

Playing the game differently from the conventional and embracing peculiar playstyles seems to do wonders for many. Proof of this is GamesRadar+'s Jasmine Gould-Wilson, who got astoundingly good at Baldur's Gate 3 by shunning the usual gaming norms.

This loud blast marks not just an impressive victory for MissQueeney but reveals the diversity of approaches in video gaming. Singlehandedly, the player brought down the final boss, demonstrating the unconventional, diverse strategies gamers adopt – a reminder of the limitless ways games can be played, making each player's experience unique.

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