The forthcoming sequel to the popular city-building game is still awaiting mod support, stating that the editor is "months away" from being released.

Cities: Skylines 2 Editor Tools Awaited for Months

A big part of the appeal of Cities: Skylines is its thriving modding community, which has enhanced the game's city-building groundwork with fresh maps and assets, expanding the game's life and scope for several years after its initial release. Regrettably, it seems Cities: Skylines 2 is yet to receive its own official mod support. Paradox, the developers, have given the gaming community a progress update, hinting that the tool's editor might still be a couple of months from reaching a state suitable for release. The timeline remains uncertain, with no specific dates given.

Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, behind the development of the game, mentions in the update that the aim is to release the Editor as promptly as possible. While efforts are concentrated on developing the editor, the team is cautious about not making commitments they might not be able to fulfill. As for the timeline, Hallikainen predicts that it could take a few more months to complete the Editor into a version they can share with the players.

The updated Editor was tested last week by a small group of closed beta testers. Currently, it only encompasses maps and support for code modding - the features that will be included in its first public release. It's expected that tools that allow players to import their personalized structures into the game, called the asset editor, will be made available later down the line. Hallikainen states that this will only be the first release, with further additions to the modding instruments scheduled over the game's lifespan- much like its predecessor, Cities: Skylines.

Interestingly, Cities: Skylines 2 will not be utilizing the Steam Workshop for its modding needs, unlike the original game. Instead, it will make use of a proprietary platform known as Paradox Mods. The switch comes with a notable perk - it allows for the availability of game mods in the console versions too.

To push the new platform ahead, Colossal Order is collaborating with modders to create free region packs that will introduce an impressive 2,500 new building types into the game.

Despite the delayed development of the editor and modding tools, the team is simultaneously striving to resolve Cities: Skylines 2's performance issues. Hallikainen reassures the community that the team is working on improving GPU performances and Level of Detail (LODs). However, she also makes it clear that some of the proposed improvements require extensive patches, which may result in infrequent updates in the coming weeks. Hallikainen describes the task as substantial, stating there's no quick fix to enhancing the game's performance at this stage.

Just like any other complex game, perfecting a sequel involves a lot of time, patience, and a fair amount of trial-and-error. Despite the wait, the prospect of a polished Cities: Skylines 2 with a powerful modding tool is undeniably exciting. Gamers can look forward to moulding their city-building experiences into something truly unique and personal, just like they did in the original game. As anticipation continues to build, Paradox and Colossal Order continue their dedicated efforts to make Cities: Skylines 2 a worthy successor to its cult classic precursor.

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