Atlus, the renowned gaming developer behind the Persona franchise, announced a 15% increase in the average annual salary for its employees aiming for better talent retention.

Atlus Increases Average Employee Salary By 15%

Japanese video game developer, Atlus, recently announced a notable 15% increase in the average salary for its personnel. This move, as per Atlus, comes in an effort to attract and retain vital talent to match their ambitious plans for global expansion.

This developer, known for popular franchises such as Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, contrasts the current gaming industry landscape. The industry, in recent times, has been troubled by endless lay-offs and studios shutting down, making Atlus's decision a welcome respite for the gaming community. Notably, new graduates joining the company will also see their starting salary rise by 300,000 yen (around $1,977).

Aside from an increase in pay, Atlus has also launched performance bonuses backed by globally accrued profit. This scheme was first implemented in the fiscal year of 2021. The success of Atlus's overseas business operations has contributed significantly to this newly announced bonus scheme.

In their official press release statement, Atlus said: "The starting salary of new graduates will increase from 257,000 yen to 300,000 yen, and the average annual income of current employees will increase by 15%. In addition, due to the robust overseas business development, we have been providing performance bonuses based on profits garnered from around the world since fiscal 2021."

Atlus's announcement serves as a beam of light amidst the prevailing gloom of studio closures and redundancies in the industry. Companies such as Embracer Group and Epic Games, for instance, have recently downsized dramatically. In this backdrop, Atlus's focus on employee retention stands out and could potentially prompt other companies to take similar initiatives over time to foster a more sustainable work environment.

While on the subject of Atlus, the company seems to be on the verge of releasing Persona 5 Tactica, their latest tactical Role-Playing Game (RPG). This highly-anticipated game, based on the immensely successful Persona 5 Royal, is set to be released on November 16th, 2023. In an early review, the title received high praise and an impressive score of 9 out of 10.

This announcement of a salary hike from Atlus has been received positively by industry insiders, employees, and fans alike. Many are hopeful that it could set a precedent, encouraging similar award and retention strategies among other gaming companies in the future. The move certainly poses a question to the industry – how to best attract and retain brilliant employees? Perhaps more game developers will follow Atlus’s example in prioritizing the wellbeing of its employees and fostering a positive, sustainable work environment.

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