Video-gaming bible Edge Magazine ballyhoos The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the mightiest electronic showdown of the last three decades.

Drumroll Please: Edge Crowns Zelda Top Gamer Champ

Get ready for some game-changing news, folks. As the magazine Edge commemorates its big 3-0, they've decided to go all out. They asked their staff and readers, shook hands with gaming chicks and dudes from the development and publishing sectors and collated a list of the top 100 video games of the last thrifty thirty years.

And guess who takes the top spot from heavy-hitting contenders like Dark Souls and Super Mario 64? Drumroll, please — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Edge described it as the perfect amalgamation of tech and creativity that smacks of magic. Well, ain't that mystical? 

Grag Lobanov, the brain behind indie gems Chicory and Wandersong, states it’s increasingly challenging to stand out in the gaming crowd. In a world where innovation fades faster than your energy drink, it's doubtful anything would surpass Breath of the Wild's ambitious leap anytime soon.

But let's not ignore the other fantastic titles that graced the race. Taking the fifth place is Resident Evil 4, followed closely by another Zelda offspring, Ocarina of Time, locking in the fourth spot. Super Mario 64 barrels into third place, with the credit of transforming the gaming scene forever, and rightfully earns its laurels as a match made in hardware heaven. Coming second to Zelda is Dark Souls, revered as one of the most pivotal games of the Edge era, a timeless classic whose value has intensified over the years.

Zooming away from the top five, we're greeted by Halo: Combat Evolved at sixth. Valve enthusiasts get a double treat with Half-Life 2 and Portal coming in at seventh and eighth respectively. FromSoftware gets another swing at the limelight with Elden Ring ruling the ninth spot. And let's not forget the OG of thrillers, Doom, wrapping up the top 10.

This rated rumble isn't limited to those heavy hitters. The entire list is packed with numerous digital heart-throbbers. More classics from Nintendo and FromSoft eagerly wait at the fringes of the outlined games. Mind you, if you want to indulge in the tantalising view of the entire magnificent 100, you better grab your copy of the magazine quick!

Let's check this out, gamers. How does your list of personal faves match up to this glorious gaming inventory?

So, there you have it: an epic, digit-twitching game-o-rama that's truly a tech-mage's dream. Congrats to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and everyone else who made the cut in this monumental battle of the games. I tell you, in gaming, it is indeed survival of the pixelated!

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