Hajime Isayama shares a heartfelt thank you to fans days before final episode's airing. The anime's creator also apologizes for the challenging upcoming "climax scene."

Attack on Titan Creator Reflects on Anime's Decade-Long Journey

Attack on Titan, the hugely popular Japanese anime series, is nearing its end, and its creator, Hajime Isayama, feels a sense of nostalgia. In a recent statement, Isayama expressed his gratitude towards the fans of the show, urging them to stick around till the very end of the final episode titled "The Final Chapters Special 2". The heartfelt note was written as a countdown to the final episode, signaling the closing chapter of a decade-long journey.

Isayama shared his sentiments on the official Attack on Titan website. His words were a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported the series throughout the years - "It’s been 10 years since the TV anime started. Thank you very much for sticking with us through all that time," he wrote.

However, the note was not merely a reflection on the past decade; it also reflected Isayama's worry for the impending challenge for animation studio MAPPA. Making an inside joke about the complexity of the upcoming "climax scene," Isayama profusely apologized to the animators. The last half of the final season, which includes the climax scene, presented substantial difficulties when it was originally drawn in the manga. So, Isayama couldn't help but imagine the daunting task awaiting MAPPA's animators, leading to his apologetic confession "This is going to be rough for MAPPA. MAPPA is probably thinking, 'Please stop.' I’m sorry, MAPPA. I’m really sorry."

Despite his humorous apology, Isayama also expressed excitement over how the scene would inevitably translate to the anime. He remained mum on any spoilers for the character Eren Yeager's ultimate fate. However, he shared some fascinating news: he has prepared additional material specifically for the grand finale.

Isayama's comment perked up the fans' interest - "Also this time, by my request, I got to draw a little bit of the rough draft toward the end. Please watch until the end," he said.

The feeling of anticipation is tangible as fans eagerly await Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Special 2, scheduled to air at midnight on Sunday, November 5 in Japan. For international viewers and Crunchyroll subscribers, details for streaming have yet to be revealed, but fans are ready to tune in from November 4.

As one of the most influential anime series worldwide, Attack on Titan has garnered an international fanbase, riveting followers with its complex plot, compelling characters and cinematic visuals. As fans, old and new alike, join together for the epic finale of Attack on Titan, its creator's poignant reflection truly marks the end of an era.

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