Armored Core 6 update 1.31 brings welcomed buffs, some unexpected nerfs, and a big change to the game's most busted gun. A hilarious melee of peace through superior firepower.

Zimmerman Shotgun: Fun While it Lasted!

Say it ain't so! The Zimmerman shotgun, that pinnacle of gun-based hilarity, the bane of many an Armored Core 6 player, has fallen victim to the developers' stern gaze in a new update. But fret not, because this update isn't just about taking things down a notch - it's also all about bringing some new and seriously underrated weapons to the spotlight.

Yes, ladies and gents, patch 1.31 has swooped in like an eager hawk eyeing up a juicy mouse that's had just a smidgen too much to eat. And boy, has it mixed things up. The Zimmerman is not the only instrument of metallic mayhem feeling the heavy hand of this update. Many weapons have been given an absolute glow-up. It's like the developers threw a rave party for Armored Core 6's underdogs, and my oh my, are they looking fresh.

The titular headbutt in this metaphorical arm wrestle is the Zimmerman shotgun, whose reign of terror was far-reaching, to say the least. Once the toast of the town, it now finds itself at the wrong end of some serious nerfs. Its attack power, impact, cumulative impact and direct hit damage have all been given a swift kick in the lower extremities. It's still got some bite, but the Zimmerman is no longer the nasty piece of work it once was.

Oh, but it isn't all doom and gloom. A hearty "hip, hip, hooray!" goes out to the game's handguns, namely the Coquillett, Duckett, and Sampu. These babies got a serious ammo boost, a much-needed push for weapons that were always cool, but a tad lackluster in the firepower department. No longer just the dependable old battle buddies you pull out when the going gets tough, these handguns are ready to become the go-to for any serious player.

But wait! There's more! The update also brought some serious love to bazookas, missile launchers and the historically underwhelming small turrets. Special mention to the stealthily stellar flamethrower and the popular Songbird rocket launcher which also got a tweak.

But this update isn't all about weaponry. Fargo the mechanic is all sixes and sevens with the raft of tweaks and changes all round. AC parts have been re-jigged left, right and center. Improved stability, system recovery, recoil control, you name it. Your metal beast is set to charge into battle with a sure foot and a steady cutlass... or more accurately, rocket launcher.

So put on your goggles, and fire up that mech engine! There's a whole new world (or should that be war??) out there to conquer, and the battlefield will never be the same again. It's time to take that dusty build out for a spin before the best Armored Core 6 builds and weapons get snatched up. Let's see what these new narfs, buffs and tweaks do to the meta of the game. Forward, fine warriors! Engage, brave engineers! Time to see what these new toys can do.

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