A theory suggests a possible meeting between Star Wars characters Ahsoka Tano and Cal Kestis due to their similar ability to sense memory through objects, spanning TV series and video games.

Did Ahsoka Tano Meet Cal Kestis? Star Wars Clues

The universe of Star Wars is extraordinarily vast and interconnected, and fans constantly dissect its smallest details. Recently, upon completion of the first season of Ahsoka on Disney Plus, one such detail has sparked a theory that the series' protagonist, Ahsoka Tano, may have met Jedi Cal Kestis from the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video games.

The crux of the theory rests on the force ability both characters possess – the power to sense memory through objects. In the fifth episode of Ahsoka, she uses a staggered star map to uncover the mystery surrounding Sabine Wren's history with Morgan Elsbeth. This force ability, termed Psychometry, is not unique to Tano. It has been thoroughly explored in Star Wars lore, especially in the animated series, The Clone Wars.

Taking notice of this, one Star Wars fan took to Reddit to speculate that Ahsoka Tano and Cal Kestis, who frequently uses the force echo technique in the video games to recall memories through items, may have met. His theory is supported by the significant parallels between the Jedi characters, such as shared encounters involving the Nightsisters' backstory, familiar Zeffonian symbols, and possible revelations poised to influence Cal's future.

The timeline of the Star Wars universe also seems to support this hypothesis. Both Tano and Kestis were in the process of their Jedi training at roughly the same time, allowing for the theoretical interaction while symposiuming the games' events preceding the live-action show, Ahsoka.

While Tano's ability to use Psychometry is already known from her appearances in The Clone Wars, having learned the technique wouldn't contradict a potential link with Cal Kestis. Another viewer highlighted that both Jedi were apprentices of a similar age, making their potential meeting plausible. They even suggested that both Tano and her master, Anakin, could have battled alongside Cal and Jarro, although this encounter hasn't been confirmed in the Star Wars saga.

Despite the compelling case, not all fans agree that the meeting occurred. Some argue that Tano might have learned the technique during her time at the Jedi Temple, under the tutelage of the most powerful Jedi. They indicate that Psychometry is an innate rather than a taught ability and was relatively known during this era.

As of now, there is no confirmation that Cal Kestis will appear in live-action, despite a fervent fan campaign promoting the idea. Yet, if he does, the interaction with Ahsoka Tano will be a highly anticipated storyline among Star Wars fans. In the meantime, as we wait for the second season of Ahsoka, audiences continue to explore the intricate and compelling facets of the Star Wars universe, connecting and intertwining its characters in imaginative ways.

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