Second delay for popular PC game Phasmophobia's console release leaves fans disappointed, as it misses the anticipated Halloween event.

Phasmophobia Console Launch Delayed Beyond Its Expected Date

Phasmophobia, a mega-hit on the PC platform, was expected to make a marked entrance on consoles this Halloween. However, fans were served with some news that was more on the lines of "trick" than "treat". The game's team announced another delay for its much-anticipated Xbox console release this Halloween season. Earlier, there was a shift from an August release to October, but it seems the game’s entry onto the console platform gets further pushed back.

The Phasmophobia team took to Steam to share the issues that led to the delay. They stated, "Dear Phasmophobia Community, As we express our deep gratitude for your enthusiasm and support regarding our console release, we also relay our ongoing struggles. Our adaptation to remote working life, following a fire incident and setting up a new office, has brought unforeseen challenges in porting the game for consoles." These unexpected factors have hindered the timeline initially set for the console release.

Apart from these office challenges, there is other work that the team has been focusing on. To prepare for the PlayStation VR2 launch, the developers have been working on optimizing the performance of Phasmophobia across all maps. The aim is to ensure a smooth playing experience for all console players. One such measure was a complete rework of Maple Lodge Campsite, done to provide the best gameplay experience, despite being a time-consuming task for the art team.

While the Phasmophobia team hoped for a unique launch alongside the much-awaited Halloween event, the magnitude and complexity of their current challenges directed them to take more time. They assured the community that they will persist in keeping everyone updated on their progress and promise to share a revised release date soon.

The Phasmophobia team concluded their update by expressing their appreciation for the community's continued support. They stated, “We are working diligently to minimize the impact of this delay. We assure you that when Phasmophobia arrives on consoles, it will be worth the wait."

The question that remains is when the Xbox community can anticipate the look out for ghosts in Phasmophobia. For now, the developers have been vague about the new release timeline. One thing is definite; it won't coincide with the Halloween update, which goes live around October 26th on PC. The hope is now for a release sometime later in 2023. With this news, Xbox players eager for the release of Phasmophobia on their consoles will have to display a bit more patience.

While waiting, Xbox users can turn their attention to the new releases slated for 2023. However, the exact date when they'll be able to embrace their ghost-hunting journeys in Phasmophobia remains uncertain for now. Rest assured, gamers internationally wait eagerly for the news of a revised release date, hoping the game will prove worth the extended wait.

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