Post-Black Friday deal frenzy continues as Walmart slashes prices for Xbox Series X, offering the console at a record low price, even bundling it with Diablo 4 for the same deal.

Xbox Series X Now Available for Under $350

The magic of Black Friday may have fizzled out, but the deals storm hasn't passed just yet—for gamers, in particular, there's still something to cheer about. Walmart, one of the leading retail giants in the United States, has set the gaming community abuzz by slashing the prices of the coveted Xbox Series X console, bringing down its cost to an unprecedented $349.00. This price cut is not just a mere markdown; it also includes a tempting bundle with Diablo 4, creating an irresistible lure for both seasoned gamers and new entrants.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's flagship gaming console, regarded for its powerful performance and next-generation capabilities. It's designed to deliver a gaming experience in 4k resolution at up to 120 frames per second. Boasting a custom SSD for faster load times, ray tracing, a quick resume feature for multiple games, and backward compatibility with thousands of games across four generations of Xbox, the Series X is a top-tier choice for serious gamers.

This huge drop in price has come as quite a surprise, especially since the Series X is known for selling at a premium. The markdown seems to be one of the lowest, if not the lowest, since the console hit the market. Snatching up the console at this price is an advantage even without Diablo 4 in the picture; however, this deal sweetens pot.

Diablo 4 is the long-awaited next chapter in the renowned Diablo series. It's a game that promises to deliver an immersive, dark narrative with both single-player and multiplayer options. The inclusion of this game in the bundle at no additional cost makes it a deal hard to resist.

In addition to the Series X offer, Walmart has not forgotten those who may be looking for something more budget-friendly or compact. The Xbox Series S is also on sale, coming down to $249.00. This version of the console, although less mighty than the Series X, is no slouch. It's an all-digital gaming machine capable of 1440p resolution and up to 120 frames per second, and it boasts similar fast load times thanks to its custom SSD. The discounted Series S Starter Bundle includes three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, adding even more value to the deal. The Game Pass Ultimate offers access to a vast library of games across PC, console, and mobile devices, free games monthly, and exclusive discounts.

Deals like these are typically fleeting. The steep discounts are likely designed to clear inventory or to offer a competitive edge during a buying season that has seen consumers become more selective with their spending due to the economic climate. Potential buyers are urged to act swiftly as the price cuts are not expected to last. The rarity of such a deal for a gaming console as coveted as the Xbox Series X—with the capability to double up as an entertainment system playing movies and music—means that stock could run out swiftly.

This unexpected opportunity might be coming at an opportune time as the excitement over recent Black Friday sales dwindles. For gamers who missed out on picking up deals during the sales or those who've been waiting for the right moment to upgrade their gaming setup, this could be the perfect chance.

However, while the prices are down, Walmart still enhances the shopping experience by not just reducing costs but also ensuring availability and convenience. It's an approach that extends beyond simple discounting, aiming to provide value in overall experience.

As holiday season approaches, Walmart's move to lower the prices of these hot-ticket items is likely to draw considerable attention from deal-hunters and Xbox enthusiasts alike. In a market that's heavily saturated during the sales season, standing out becomes a game of who can offer the most at the least—and this Xbox Series X offer certainly seems like it’s playing to win.

For those looking to leverage this incredible offer, it’s worth heading over to Walmart’s website or stores as soon as possible, as deals this sweet rarely have a long shelf life. Whether to indulge in the enhanced performance and graphics of the latest games or to dive into the ominous world of Diablo 4, the Xbox Series X at this price point is a golden ticket for anyone looking to elevate their gaming experience without breaking the bank.

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