After the official acquisition, Xbox announces the initiation of work to integrate Activision Blizzard King’s games into Xbox Game Pass, exciting gamers worldwide.

Xbox Begins Incorporating Activision Blizzard Titles into Game Pass

For the past two years, gamers have eagerly anticipated a large array of Activision Blizzard titles arriving on Xbox Game Pass. Now, even though the official deal is sealed, it appears we might have to wait a tad longer. Xbox recently announced their present roadmap, revealing that the process of integrating Activision Blizzard King’s popular games into its Game Pass lineup has officially commenced.

As disclosed by the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, "Today, we can now begin the work of bringing Activision Blizzard King’s iconic and groundbreaking games to Xbox Game Pass. We can’t wait to share more details in the coming months." This news sparked great excitement among the gaming community, which has been waiting for this integration with bated breath.

The Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, expressed shared sentiments on Xbox Wire, stating, "Today we start the work to bring beloved Activision, Blizzard, and King franchises to Game Pass and other platforms." He promised to reveal more details about when gamers can expect to engage with these titles in the coming months. Conveying the thrill of the company’s management, he asserted, "We know you’re excited – and we are too."

However, it is clear that the fans may not immediate access to any Activision Blizzard game on Xbox Game Pass. A recent disclosure by ActiBlizz pointed out that users might have to wait until next year to play Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Diablo iv on the platform. Although the wait may be disappointing, the promise of engaging and popular games on the horizon is indeed exciting!

While gamers wait for the launch of these titles, there are speculations around over 50 games that could potentially make their way to Xbox Game Pass in the foreseeable future. This substantial addition is expected to significantly enhance the diversity on the platform.

The anticipation runs high as the acquisition of Activision Blizzard makes it an official part of the Xbox family. As the integration of their legendary teams and franchises begins, questions and expectations rise among the gaming community. Gamers worldwide now look forward to experiencing a broader gaming library on Xbox Game Pass, adding value to the platform.

Despite the slight delay, it's clear that there is a lot in store for Xbox Game Pass users. With the merger of Activision Blizzard titles into the Game Pass service, the gaming experience on the platform is set to reach new heights. As gamers anticipate the exciting titles promised by Xbox, the company continues its journey to build an even more engaging and diverse gaming experience. With the incorporation of Activision Blizzard games, Xbox Game Pass aims to establish itself as the go-to platform for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

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