A glimpse into the games scheduled to be added to the Xbox Game Pass library in November 2023, along with speculative discussions on potential departures.

Previewing November's Xbox Game Pass 2023 Releases

It may seem tough to keep a tab on all the games making their way to and from the ever-expanding library of Xbox Game Pass every week. However, we've strived to provide an enlightening guide enumerating the list of confirmed games hitting Xbox Game Pass in the coming month of November, in addition to speculation on those that might bid adieu.

As per updates so far, here are the games anticipated to join the Xbox Game Pass lineup in November 2023:

On November 2nd, 'PlateUp!', a thrilling console game is slated to make its debut while 'Thirsty Suitors,' compatible with console and PC versions, is also expected to arrive.

The date November 6th brings excitement for sports simulation enthusiasts with the launch of 'Football Manager 2024' for Console, PC and Cloud. Following closely, 'Roboquest 1.0' for Console, PC, and Cloud, and 'Dungeons 4' for Console, PC, and Cloud will both join the roster on November 9th. Additionally, 'Like a Dragon Gaiden' for Console, is slated to arrive the same day.

Fans will have their patience rewarded on November 14th with the release of the much-awaited 'Coral Island 1.0' for Series X|S and PC. Similarly, the hit 'Persona 5 Tactica' for Console, PC, and Cloud is slated to join the Xbox Game Pass library on November 17th.

However, along with the exciting line-up of games set to debut, there are also speculations that two unidentified batches of games might leave Xbox Game Pass in November 2023. Despite no official revelations yet, discussions and predictions on what might leave the service in November are gaining momentum elsewhere too.

So, which of these November 2023 entries into Xbox Game Pass fills you with anticipation? Do leave your thoughts below.

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It’s a slightly overwhelming time for ardent Xbox fans and an exciting phase for potential newcomers. Keep gaming while we continue to bring you the twist and turns in the ever-evolving journey of Xbox Game Pass and its game portfolio.

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