Wizard with a Gun combines fantasy elements and firearms in a cooperative sandbox survival game, made by Galvanic Games, and it lands on PS5 soon.

Discover Magic and Gunplay in Wizard with a Gun for PS5

Immerse yourself in an enchanting realm that holds an amalgamation of magic and firepower. Welcome to Wizard with a Gun, soon to be available on PlayStation 5. This enticing creation from Galvanic Games is an online cooperative sandbox survival game that showcases the allure of alliance and arcane arts.

In a recent gameplay trailer released on 17th October, a tantalizing glimpse of what players can expect was provided. The game is about characters who are practitioners of mystical arts, but they also recognize the power of firearms. These wizards don't just rely on their spells, they tote guns and they're not afraid to use them.

While playing alone is an option, the magic of Wizard with a Gun truly unfolds when players team up. As you band together with friends, you are encouraged to test the limits of possibility within this richly-reactive environment. Here, your spells do more than fight off the fearsome inhabitants; they physically influence the world around you in extraordinary, often explosive, ways.


And speaking of beathtaking impacts, you might also find yourself crafting diverse types of arcane ammunition. The fun lies not just in surviving this dangerous terrain together but also in the unique creations you bring into existence. It's a world where every action has consequences and feeds back into the gameplay in unexpected manners.

The PS5 platform, known for its stunning graphics and seamless gameplay, is set to provide an even more immersive experience for players. It aims to elevate the magical universe that is Wizard with a Gun to new heights. Combining the high-definition capabilities of PS5 with mental and tactile engagement, this game is determined to leave its mark on the players.

Given the intense buzz created by the game's trailer, players are eagerly awaiting to delve into the vast world of Wizard with a Gun. Though release dates are yet to be confirmed, the game's landing on the PS5 platform appears imminent. This promises an enticing fusion of spell-casting, bullet-firing, and survival tactics that are bound to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Feedback from gamers has been mostly positive, with many expressing their excitement for the game on social media and forums. The possibility of experimenting with magic and ammunition in such a reactive world has caught the imagination of many. The release of Wizard with a Gun on PS5 is expected to be a significant event in the gaming industry, potentially opening new possibilities for combining different game genres.


Galvanic Games has already made a name for themselves with several popular titles. With Wizard with a Gun, they continue their tradition of merging high-stakes gameplay with innovative mechanics and atmospheric world design. With their inclusion of cooperative possibilities, they've added another layer to gameplay, allowing players to share their adventures with others.

Wizard with a Gun has the potential to forge a new path in the PS5 gaming library. It's not just about survival; it's about delving into a game full of magic and firepower with friends, and seeing how far you can push the boundaries of possibility in an environment that reacts to every one of your actions.

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