The popular indie game, Wizard of Legend, has now been released for Android and iOS with several mobile-specific features and full controller support | Humble Games, XD Inc., and Contingent99 the creators.

Wizard of Legend Now Available on Mobile Platforms

Gamers everywhere have good reason to rejoice as the renowned indie game, Wizard of Legend, finds its new home on mobile platforms. Its creators, Humble Games, XD Inc., and Contingent99, have recently rolled out this thrilling game for iOS and Android, thus making it accessible to gamers on the go. The release allows players to wield spells, battle foes, and navigate strategies to become the crown sorcerer in this action-packed roguelike dungeon-crawler.

Encouraging a test of precision and strategic abilities, Wizard of Legend allows players to combine spells and take down enemies. The game boasts an arsenal of more than a hundred spells and relics that add to the extensive and exciting gameplay. These magical tools enable players to venture into the Chaos Trials, armed with sophisticated strategies and powerful spells. The gaming experience is reminiscent of the traditional, retro-inspired games that can be found on Android.

The newly launched mobile version of Wizard of Legend also sets itself apart with its intuitive user interface, which has been specifically optimised for mobile devices. However, for those gamers who still prefer the traditional controller interaction, the game provides for this as part of its mobile version, assuring a full controller support. This ensures that the game is equally enjoyable on both the touchscreen as well as a connected controller.

Another feature that the developers have incorporated into the game is the new aim assist, helping to make sure that your spells hit their intended target correctly. A clear demarcation of how the gaming experience has been thoughtfully tailored to fit the mobile gaming interface.

Wizard of Legend invites players to take on the challenge of the procedurally generated levels, and face off against the infamous Council of Magic. For those interested in multiplayer gaming, it also offers opportunities for local co-op and PvP. Team up with friends locally or battle against them, the game provides a multitude of layers to the gaming experience.

Now available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the iOS App Store, Wizard of Legend promises an engaging gaming experience for a premium price of $7.99 in the US. The adrenaline-pumping vibe of the game can also be sensed in the preview clip available online, providing a sneak peek into the spellbinding world that awaits.

In a nutshell, Wizard of Legend presents a captivating blend of strategy, combat, and magic. With an optimized mobile interface, full controller support, and a unique line up of spells to master, the game offers an immersive, on-the-go adventure for gaming enthusiasts across the world. Now that the game has been officially launched on mobile platforms, players can dive straight into the spellbinding world of the Wizard of Legend, anytime, anywhere.

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