Humble Games announces upcoming mobile adaptation of their popular roguelike dungeon-crawler, Wizard of Legend. Will feature revamped UI and touchscreen controls.

Mobile Version of Wizard of Legend is on the Way

Exciting news for mobile gamers as Humble Games, the renowned gaming studio, has unveiled plans to release a mobile version of their immensely popular roguelike dungeon-crawler, Wizard of Legend. Destined for both Android and iOS platforms, the game is being developed in collaboration with XD Inc. and Contingent99. It pledges to bring an unrelenting wave of action directly to the pockets of eager players, complete with an entirely new user interface (UI) specifically suited to handheld devices.

Notably, the mobile adaptation of Wizard of Legend will be introducing a LAN Multiplayer feature. This exciting addition permits players to connect their handheld devices to the same WiFi network, affording them the opportunity to plunge themselves and their friends into the game's riveting frenzy together.

Gameplay on mobile will be augmented by a freshly designed user interface. This enhancement aims to foster a playing experience that feels entirely native to mobile, debunking any suspicions that it may simply be a repackaged version of its PC predecessor. Additionally, a newly developed control scheme tailored to touchscreens will ensure smooth, convenient navigation within the game.

As in its existing versions, players can anticipate a fast-paced gaming environment where they can string together devastating magical spells to subdue formidable enemies. An impressive arsenal of over a hundred different spells waits to be discovered and harnessed as players compete for the coveted title of the Wizard of Legend.

Even as they await the game's official release date, ardent fans can already gear up for the upcoming mobile version by downloading and playing Wizard of Legend via the official Steam page. To keep abreast of all the latest updates, they can also join the large community of followers on the game's official Facebook page, visit the website for more details, or catch a sneak peek of the forthcoming edition through the shared video clip above.

For enthusiasts who appreciate the distinct pixel art aesthetic, other retro-inspired games on Android form an interesting alternative to consider while they await the launch. This would certainly satiate their appetite for similar game graphics as they anticipate the arrival of the mobile version of Wizard of Legend.

In the endless battle for mobile gaming dominance, the arrival of a touch-optimized version of Wizard of Legend could prove a game-changer. By coupling the action-packed gameplay of the original game with the convenience of mobile, Humble Games may just have unlocked a new level in handheld gaming. As we await the game's release, one thing is clear: this is a thrilling time for mobile gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

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