Dark Horse Direct introduces new Rock Troll and Werewolf figurines in its growing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt collection, available for pre-orders now.

The Witcher 3's New Collectible Figures Revealed

True fans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be delighted to know that Dark Horse Direct has just expanded its ever-growing collection with the addition of two unique figurines: a tragically misunderstood Rock Troll and a fearsome Werewolf. Showcasing an enticing blend of artistic creativity and meticulous detail, these latest additions are perfect for those who enjoy reliving the mythical encounters from the popular role-playing game (RPG).

Crafted in high-quality PVC, both figures breathe life and realness into the characters they represent. The Werewolf figurine stands at a mighty 12 inches in length, imposing and ferocious, perfect for transforming a regular room into a mythical hunting ground. In contrast, the Rock Troll is a bit smaller but doesn't fall short on impressiveness, standing at a respectable 10 inches tall. This unique creature, often misunderstood in the Witcher universe, is sure to prompt interesting conversations when spotted on your shelf.

The action figures are expected to ship to customers between June and July of 2024 and are now available for pre-orders at $79.99, or approximately £65. Placed on a mantlepiece or display cabinet, they would make an ideal gift for any fan of the renowned RPG series. The sculpted figures are more than just collectibles, as each one truly symbolizes a piece of the unique fantasy genre that The Witcher represents.

Being fans themselves, Dark Horse Direct understands the deep connections players form with an engrossing game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Given the impressive sales of The Witcher 3, which has crossed the 50 million mark, this fantasy world has captured the hearts of millions around the globe. By crafting these collectible figures, Dark Horse aims to keep this love alive by allowing players to have a piece of this world in their own homes.

The new figures, though symbolic of the darker creatures of The Witcher universe, are not designed to scare but to pay tribute to the detailed and captivating world crafted by the game designers. The intricate craftsmanship poured into these figures amplifies their appeal, as does their function as tangible reminders of memorable encounters in the game.

While collectibles often burn a hole in the fans' pockets, Dark Horse Direct has priced these figures reasonably, ensuring that they are accessible to a larger number of fans. The debate continues among fans whether these collectibles are worth the investment, but for many, owning a piece of their favourite fantasy universe justifies the cost.

Crafted with remarkable precision, these PVC figures are a testament to the commitment Dark Horse Direct has to bringing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game world to life. Moreover, the collection doesn't seem to stop growing. One cannot but think that more characters from this immersive fantasy universe will make their way onto collectors' shelves in the future.

Whether you are a fan of the fantasy RPG genre or not, these figures are an artistic representation of the deep lore embedded within the game, representing a fusion between imagination and reality. They are indeed a tribute to the incredible amount of work game developers put into creating immersive and living worlds for players to explore and adore. Investing in these collectibles is not just buying an object, but acquiring a piece of a beloved world that can be cherished forever.

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