Sony's Season of Play event gives players a chance to win a PS5, earn free avatars, secure PlayStation merchandise discounts, and collect PS Stars points by playing selected games from December 5th to January 5th.

Win a PS5 and Grab Freebies with PS Plus Season of Play

Sony has unveiled an exciting event for PlayStation users dubbed the Season of Play, promising a festive period filled with giveaways, rewards, and exclusive offers. Running for a whole month, this promotion is set to captivate PS4 and PS5 gamers, offering chances to win new hardware, enhance their avatar collections, save money on merchandise, and score bonus points.

As part of this seasonal event, which starts on December 5th and stretches until January 5th of the following year, players are presented with an array of opportunities. One of the highlights is the chance to snag a set of exclusive avatars for free. These icons, representing popular titles such as Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Rainbow Six: Siege, will add a personal touch to player profiles, reflecting their favorite games or gaming achievements.

To claim these avatars, participants will be directed to a special voucher code available right on the home screen of their PS4 or PS5 systems. This straightforward approach ensures no gamer misses out on the chance to customize their online identity with some of the most iconic symbols from the gaming realm.

On top of the aesthetic perks, the promotion offers a practical financial incentive—a 15% discount on all merchandise available at the PlayStation Gear online store. By using the promo code SEASONOFPLAY15, gamers can purchase apparel, accessories, and collectibles all marked down, making it the perfect time for snagging any PlayStation-branded gear that's been lingering on wishlists.

Perhaps the most enticing element of the Season of Play is the opportunity to win a brand new PS5 console bundled with a 12-month membership to PS Plus Premium. This premium subscription not only extends a player's library with a range of downloadable games but also grants access to exclusive content, demos, and more. To enter the competition, all that's required is to visit the PS Plus website starting December 19th, 2023, and correctly answer five trivia questions related to the PlayStation universe.

Further adding to the festive spirit, the promotion will feature free PS Plus multiplayer weekends and engaging PlayStation Tournaments, offering players more ways to connect and compete throughout the month-long event. These additional activities promise to keep the community engaged, with plenty of opportunities for users to showcase their skills and earn bragging rights among peers.

For members who enjoy collecting rewards, Sony has thrown in an extra carrot—a bonus of 50 PS Stars points. These points can be accumulated and eventually exchanged for a variety of items, from PSN wallet funds to exclusive products. To bag these bonus points, gamers just need to redeem and play any one of the month's new PS Plus Essential games, which include LEGO 2K Drive, Sable, or PowerWash Simulator.

It's worth noting, however, that while many aspects of the Season of Play event are open to all PlayStation users, claiming the extra PS Stars points is an exclusive perk for those with an active PS Plus membership. This serves as an additional incentive for non-members to consider joining the service to reap the full benefits of the event.

With an array of incentives that cater to different aspects of the gaming lifestyle—from gameplay to gear to online interactions—Sony's Season of Play promises to be a highlight for PlayStation fans around the globe. It's an event crafted to usher in the new year with excitement and to reward the community that avidly supports the platform.

The strategic timing of the event, bridging the gap between the old and new year, is bound to bring a sense of community and celebration to PlayStation gamers. Whether you are a hardcore gamer hoping to expand your trophy cabinet with unique avatars, a shopper looking to score discounts on PlayStation merchandise, or a participant eager to try their luck at winning a PS5, the Season of Play caters to a broad spectrum of gamers and is one to watch – or rather, actively participate in!

Are you prepared to dive into Sony's Season of Play? Whether aiming for the high stakes of the PS5 giveaway or simply indulging in the playful spirit with freebies and games, this promotion is poised to create joyous experiences for the entire PlayStation community.

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