Tim Cain, the original Fallout RPG’s co-creator, clarifies the cause of the in-game nuclear apocalypse, ending one of the game’s most enduring debates.

Fallout Co-Creator Settles Long-Standing RPG Debate

For fans of the original Fallout Role-Playing Game (RPG), one of the biggest debates has finally been settled by none other than the game's co-creator and producer, Tim Cain. The long-standing speculation on who initiated the game's nuclear apocalypse has been put to rest. In a recent interview, Cain confirmed what many fans had suspected – it was China who dropped the first nuclear bomb.

The reason behind this drastic action? According to Cain, China detected that the USA was engaging in the illegal use of bio-weapons, specifically a product known as FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus). Despite a warning from China to cease activity, America merely relocated its operations, and this deceptive move resulted in the catastrophic nuclear response.

Cain’s revelation was thought-provoking to the gaming channel interviewer, who likened the situation in Fallout to a known Star Wars conundrum of who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo.

To provide some context, the FEV is a DNA-altering virus developed in the Fallout universe by the US military contractor West Tek. It was first introduced in Fallout 2 and subsequently played a significant role in driving mutations seen throughout the game's narrative, from radscorpions and deathclaws to super mutants.

This revelation aligns with theories supported by dedicated Fallout fans, loosely based on exposition from Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. The topic came up during a discussion about the relationship between the US and Canada in the Fallout universe. In the narrative, the US annexes Canada in an escalating defense agreement supposedly designed to protect resources from Chinese infiltration. This annexation leads to Canada's full absorption into the US, just before the outbreak of the nuclear conflict.

The American experimentation with the FEV to create enhanced super-soldiers coincided with the final erasure of Canada's independence around the 2070s. Cain suggests that this clandestine activity was what evoked China's nuclear response.

The revelation by Cain simplifies the dense lore of Fallout: America concealed its bio-weapons, China discovered this amidst pre-existing geopolitical tensions, and as a result, the Fallout universe was subjected to a nuclear apocalypse. While some fans may find this conclusion unsurprising, others may still dispute this definitive answer.

In related gaming news, former design lead of Skyrim suggests the template for Fallout 4 will be utilized in the long-anticipated introduction of The Elder Scrolls 6. However, fans may be in for a long wait, as details are anticipated to remain under wraps until approximately six months before its release.

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