Dive into fun with the premiere of Loki Season 2, return of Lupin, and a slew of exciting films that are worth your binge!

Stream Supreme: Top 7 Movie & Show Picks for the Weekend

If you thought this weekend would be spent languishing in eternal boredom, think again! Bid goodbye to ennui for we have a blitz of addictive movie picks and tantalizing TV series to keep you in perpetual entertainment ecstasy.

Disney Plus leads the charge this weekend, rolling out the second season of Loki, ensuring Marvel fans are well-nourished with their daily fix of Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson wreaking havoc at the Time Variance Authority. Marvel Cinematic Universe, here we come again!

Crossing waters to France, the witty burglar Assane Diop is back to captivate our attention with Part 3 of Netflix's thrilling heist series, Lupin. Having bid adieu to domestic bliss, we find our daring outlaw planning a fresh start away from his unwelcome past. However, as we all know, fate has a wily way of serving up surprise roadblocks.

You might also want to save precious popcorn for Blumhouse's slasher-comedy, Totally Killer, on Prime Video, where the dainty Kiernan Shipka gets a rude awakening when the past catches up with her in a gory reunion. After some mid-point spook and ketchup stains, you could shift to Paramount Plus for the prequel to the 2019's horror hit Pet Sematary, as Pet Sematary: Bloodlines takes us five decades into the past, giving us an eerie glimpse into Jud’s haunting origins.

However, if the joys of Halloween seem too far and frightful for you, worry not! Netflix brings steamy romantic tension with the erotic thriller Fair Play. This weekend, let Alden Ehrenreich and Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor take you on a wild tour of a fractured relationship amidst corporate stress. Yikes, sounds like reality served with a twist of added spice doesn’t it?

If that hasn’t satisfied your entertainment palate, wander with us into the eerie realms of Disney Plus's Haunted Mansion. Here single mom and her little boy find that their 'affordable' mansion might house some extra, shivery inhabitants. Packing the acting prowess of Rosario Dawson and LaKeith Stanfield, this supernatural thrill ride's got its special place in the weekend movie marathon.

Finally, strap on your pirate boots for the comedic yarrr’s – Our Flag Means Death returns for a second season on Max. Reunite with Stede Bonnet, Blackbeard, and all their mischievous crew members for another romp in the high seas.

Still browsing for more? Time for some digital archaeology as you go spelunking into the backlog of your favorite streaming giants. Hunt down those hidden treasures, or better yet, let our master lists of best shows help you in your enthusiastic endeavor for nonstop entertainment! There you have it, folks – your weekend is packed, your popcorn is ready. Now, let the streaming fiesta commence!

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