How to conquer the Marvel cinematic universe? Check out this foolproof manual on watching all the Marvel movies and shows in hilarious precision, release and chronological order!

Assembling the Marvel Movie Marathon: A Guide to Chronology

Behold, true believers - your ultimate guide to traverse your way through the tangled web of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)! Now that Loki has messed around with the timeline, again (classic Loki), 2023 feels like the perfect year for your ultimate Marvel rewatch. But we understand if the thought of 45 Marvel projects land you in the same headspace as Dr. Strange in a multiverse of madness - it is superhero-sized intimidating. Well, say no more, “Hulk Smashed Vehicle Removal Service” (that's us) is at your rescue.

Starting with the films that gave birth to the MCU and what on Earth a 'Phase' is, till the recent releases which include Loki season 2 and Secret Invasion, we've weaved together the ultimate Marvel tapestry. The bonus track includes a guide to the movie-only folks, covering how to watch your favorite heroes without having to watch TV series on Disney Plus. We're afraid, that means no WandaVision (but we witches stick together, and hence you will find a sprinkling of it throughout!).

Now, release the confetti and charge your reactors, ‘cause here’s the chronological journey through Phases 1 to 5 in the order of release dates. Special mention to our armoured avenger, Iron Man, for opening the floodgates in 2008 to the mesmerizing world of the Avengers, Norse gods, a patriotic soldier and an emerald green giant with a penchant for smashing things. Every major event your favourite heroes (and antiheroes) have graced, including a sentient tree conversing in limited vocabulary, we’ve got it covered. Marvel’s own soap opera just got a tad easier!

Adding a twist to the Marvel madness here we have the releases fitting snugly within a chronological retrospect. Thanks to all the time travelling shenanigans from Endgame and the indefatigable efforts of our own TVA, we’ve managed to somewhat align the releases in an almost comprehensible determinant of dates. However, don't fret too much over it – while structured watching has its perks, losing sanity over chronology can turn you into a Mad Titan. And we all know how that ended, don't we?

We also got you covered for the die-hard multiverse explorers who are daring enough to venture into the convoluted realms of the non-MCU Spider-Man movies and The Defenders Saga, as well as the standalone X-Men movies (the latter being a big 'if' for '80s nostalgia enthusiasts!).

Closing our winding scroll of Marvel-lore (praise Odin for the patience), let’s not forget the vast library of Marvel magic housed by Disney’s very own Pandora's box – Disney Plus. Talking about Disney Plus, here’s a fun fact: you won’t find ‘The Hulk’ there. Some green monster ate it. Kidding! It’s just the pesky distribution rights.

So, True Believers, it is time to gather your favourite Avengers-themed snacks, pull on that superhero costume you secretly own (yes, we know about it) and settle into your La-Z-Boy for a mega Marvel marathon! Just remember, Infinity Stones not included.

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