Fans of COD: Warzone 2 have their feathers ruffled as Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island maps are set to make a comeback in 2024.

Warzone 2 Revives Old Maps and Divides Opinions

COD: Warzone 2, Activision's beloved violence festival (a.k.a video game), has announced the return of two fan-favorite maps—Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island—next year. And boy, has it set the game's Internet troll forums, I mean, fans' forums, ablaze in both celebration and discontent.

Following a high-profile Call of Duty Next blowout event on October 5, Activision unveiled Modern Warfare 3, an Urzikstan map, and the revival of these two icons. Who knew recycled content could cause such a hubbub? They're essentially cartographic zombies!

Positive responses flooded the Warzone 2 forums. One jubilant player exclaimed over the anticipated resurgence rotation, the potential for unprecedented fun, and map combination that'll guarantee a good time for Resurgence players. But of course, there's always somebody ready to rain on the Warzone parade.

On the flipside, one disgruntled player wielded the power of apathetic sarcasm, stating: "Take away content, then give it back; god-devs EZ Clap." I could almost hear the eye roll from here. Still, one player admitted that Activision's marketing strategy was effective, if not a little manipulative in capitalizing on nostalgia.

The nostalgia debate ignited like a molotov cocktail. One gamer confessed that the formative addiction of the OG MW2 maps was the whole reason they're hooked on MWIII. They say nostalgia's a hell of a drug, and it apparently sets a high score as a powerful marketing tool. One player pointed out the intensely recycled nature of the returning maps, implying the fans seem to be chomping unknowingly at the bait.

There’s no denying the polarizing dichotomy the comeback maps have sprouted, but one thing uniting the community is the hype over the new Urzikstan map. It was initially rumoured to be part of the game world in 2020, and now makes its debut with a touted driveable train – because who doesn't love a casual train ride through a warzone? It's probably the closest we'll ever get to turn Warzone 2 into a leisurely road trip simulator.

So as COD: Warzone 2 brings back Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island into the mix, the ensuing debate rages on. Will this foster a beloved nostalgia trip, or just an eye-rolling case of recycling gifs? Who knows? All we do know is, that with this mashup of old and new, Warzone looks set to keep its throne as the ultimate digital battlefield where past meets future in a hail of bullets.

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