Tower of God: New World mobile game announces collaboration with Seven Knights, offering new characters, summons, and special events for a limited time.

Tower of God: Epic Seven Knights Collaboration Event

Tower of God: New World, the intriguing collectible card game RPG by Netmarble, has unveiled a spectacular collaboration that is bound to excite both new and veteran players. The popular franchise Seven Knights is crossing over into the universe of Tower of God, bringing with it a bevy of new features, characters, and exclusive rewards that promise to elevate the gaming experience.

As part of this collaborative event, players can expect to encounter new characters such as SSR+ [Phoenix Incarnate] Rachel, SSR [Doomsday Herald] Yeonhee, and SSR [Infernal Blademaster] Shane. Each character comes from the Seven Knights universe and has been integrated into the Tower of God world with unique abilities and attributes that are reflective of their origin. The combination of both game worlds offers a unique blend that is exciting for fans of both RPGs.

The collaboration also boasts the introduction of Ignition Weapons. These powerful tools are designed to significantly increase a player's combat power. Players can acquire these weapons by engaging in and clearing new content called the Secret Floor. Success in these challenging levels will not only prove rewarding but also enhance the player's overall combat strategy.

For those who are curious about the strengths and abilities of these new characters, a tier list is available, providing insights and recommendations on which characters to aim for based on their combat effectiveness. This tier list assists players in making informed decisions to optimize their team composition.

An array of limited-time events will also accompany the collaboration. From the intricately designed Story Event [Knives Ready! Flames Set! The Royal Cook-Off is a Go], where players can earn Collab Tickets and SSR Soulstones, to various rewards that can be collected in-game, there's no shortage of activities. These events are created to immerse players fully into the collaborative experience, offering a unique narrative that meshes the lore of both the Tower of God and Seven Knights.

The collaboration is also generous to players who log in daily. An exclusive login event rewards consistency and dedication, offering prized possessions such as SSR [Doomsday Herald] Yeonhee, 40 Collab Tickets, SSR Seven Knights Teammate Selection Chest, and many more captivating rewards. These incentives are designed to keep players engaged throughout the collaboration period, ensuring they reap every benefit this unique event has to offer.

This collaboration between Tower of God: New World and Seven Knights is time-limited and packed with content that will excite players until December 14th. During this period, players have the chance to participate in special events and accumulate an array of collectibles, ensuring that each day spent in the game brings something new and exciting.

Downloading Tower of God: New World is seamless, as the game is readily available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android users. Notably, it is free-to-play, though in-app purchases are available for those who wish to enhance their gaming experience further. Staying informed about the latest updates and events is easy, with options to visit the official website or join the active Facebook community for regular updates and information on the game.

In addition, a sneak peek of the game's new features and updates can be found in an embedded clip provided, allowing potential players to get a feel of the Tower of God: New World gaming environment and the exciting new collaboration with Seven Knights.

For the players who have been anxiously awaiting new content, this collaboration is the perfect culmination of fan-favorite elements from both Tower of God and Seven Knights, coming together to create a memorable gaming experience. It's a unique opportunity to delve into an RPG adventure that extends beyond the boundaries of a single universe, catering to enthusiasts of both franchises and attracting new players to explore the richly designed world and engaging gameplay.

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